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You can increase your fertility by changing your lifestyle

1.Quit Smoking
Smoking is one of the habits that negatively affect fertility. In addition to reducing the chances of conception, tobacco use also increases risk factors in infants such as low birth weight, Sudden Infant Death and stillbirth, according to a study conducted in the UK. 
In addition, there are differences between the success rates of IVF treatment between women who smoke and women who do not smoke.Dec. Dec. This condition is especially pronounced in women who smoke 1 pack and more per day. Tobacco use significantly reduces the number of eggs. However, it is also known to cause aging in egg reserves and follicles. 

2.Steroid use 
Currently, steroid use is quite common in men who want to develop November, but there are also studies that show that steroid use can negatively affect men's ability to have children. For this reason, steroids, muscle-building drugs or drinks should be used under the supervision of a doctor November. In the current situation, in a man using steroids, after using these types of substances, sperm production returns to normal after a sperm cycle. 

3.Attention to drug use
Some prescription drugs used can negatively affect male reproduction, in particular. For example, high blood pressure medications can negatively affect sperm motility. However, thyroid drugs used in women can also negatively affect ovulation. Therefore, if you are trying to have children, you should definitely tell your doctor about every medication you use, as it can affect your fertility. 

4.Beware of herbal medicinessee also
Some herbal products are also known to affect fertility. Plants, although they qualify as” natural, " may contain powerful chemicals, and they can negatively affect reproduction, as well as drugs. Some laboratory studies have shown that tested plants negatively affect both female and male reproduction. However, these studies show potential risks, and it has been noted that using the right dose will not negatively affect the egg or sperm. 

5.Too hot showers may not sound good
The cells that produce Sperm work much better when the body temperature is below normal. However, if the temperature in the body and reproductive organ increases, sperm and these cells can be negatively affected. Again, long-term hot showers, sauna and Jacuzzi, such as very hot environments should not be spent much time. However, wearing tight pants or leather pants in a style that will tighten the area can also increase the temperature in the area. Therefore, a man should stay away from very tight pants and some types of fabric, such as leather, nylon. 

6.Stay away from stress 
One of the conditions that negatively affect both men and women is stress. Stress, as it triggers many diseases, is also one of the factors that negatively affect fertility. If you plan to have children, try to do better stress management in your life. In the evening, try to make habits that will comfort you at home. You can also try to reduce stress by meditating, listening to relaxing music, or creating special times to rest you. A little retreat and relaxation will also positively affect your reproductive functions. 


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