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You can balance your chakras with aromatherapy

Aromatherapy means healing with plants. It is a therapy method that we use for the integrity of the soul-body-mind, dating back 6,000 years. Plants; bark, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, stems, roots, such as various methods obtained from different parts of the volatile and fixed oils through the purpose of holistic balance, body and mind through stimulation through self-support and healing is based on. 

Chakra in Sanskrit literally means wheel-wheel-ring. Chakras are our energy centers. The energies generated from these centers are transmitted to our physical – etheric – astral – mental – spiritual body through channels we call nadi. As can be seen from here, our body structure has five layers. This whole structure forms our energy field, our aura. The wider and clearer this area, the more balanced, strong and energetic we become. 

So how do aromatherapy and chakras function together? Healing that comes with the essence of plants, from mouth to mouth, 4 disinfectant vegetable oil with fragrant we can add it to our lives through it or in ways that we use by driving it into our bodies. Here, I will talk more about our sense of smell, talking about the effect of smell as well as getting into the mouth and riding on the skin, and sharing effective information so that you can use the power of smell in your daily Chakra practices. 

Our sense of smell is the only one of our five senses that affects our subconscious. For this reason, it reminds us of a feeling when we smell a smell that we heard when we were children years later. It can lead us to a memory where we are happy, excited or scared. Our sense of smell is a sense that affects our limbic system. 

Our body consists of a vibration. 3 aromatherapy oils you need to know with prepared mixtures, we can facilitate the production of energy in our chakra centers and its spread to our body by using odors at the vibrational frequency of each chakra. 

Survival, nutrition, shelter, temperature, comfort, such as our basic needs are related to the chakram. If it works in balance and harmony, we feel safe, we make the decisions we make without doubt, and we stand behind it. To balance this chakra, we usually connect with the Earth. For this purpose, we can smell essential oils such as Cedar, clove, ginger, patchouli, mix them with sweet almond, sesame, coconut, etc.oils that are carrier oils to make them rubable on our skin and massage them on the corresponding Chakra. During the day, we can rub it on our wrists, under the ears, so that the smell spreads and balances us.

It is the center of our primal emotions, sexuality and creativity. In a sacral chakra in balance, we are in a natural and open structure in relations with the opposite sex. We feel the creative energy of life between the soul – body – mind.Dec. Our emotions are clear and our actions are realistic. For this chakra, we can use essential oils such as Ylang Ylang and sandalwood. 

Our raw emotions (anger – sensitivity, etc.) and is the center of our personal power. Our emotional energy radiates from here. When we are in balance, we accept our feelings, desires and experiences. We take what we experience as part of our development, accept it, live in negative situations without blaming ourselves. We are also in balance in terms of abundance and abundance. For this chakra, we can use essential oils of lavender – rosemary – bergamot ( citrus fruits). 

It is between 3 lower and 3 Upper centers.Dec. Its task is to unify these centers. It is also the center of the entire chakra system. In balance, our life energy is spread by love. Our connection with the divine becomes stronger. Our feelings are far from doubts, internal confusion, contradictions. Giving something is done only with love. We'll give you something without waiting for a response. We can also use rose essential oil to achieve this balance. 

Expression is central to the ability to communicate and inspire. In balance, we freely and perfectly express our feelings, thoughts and inner knowledge. Our vocal cords are open, comfortable. We can talk about the truth without blaming others. For this, we can also use essential oils of Sage and eucalyptus. 

It is the center of command and perception. When it's in balance, our intuition is strong. We cross the boundaries of rational thought and experience holographic perception. We perceive that there are countless worlds between decency and different forms of life. To balance, we can also use essential oils of mint and Jasmine. 

It's where we hear the voice of our higher self. Our connection to the Divine is strong. When it comes to balance, we see that there is no dilemma and deconstruction between our inner life and our connection with outer life. Consciousness becomes calm and clear. To balance, we can smell the daily essential oil (Frankincense) – Lotus Flower. 

You can burn the mentioned essential oils in a censer or diffuser in the area where you practice yoga. You can also choose to combine it with base oils and use it as a massage oil, in the sense of spot massage or as a natural perfume. For more information, you can join the Chakras and aromatherapy training at Homemade aromatherapy. 

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