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You are as young as your spine

In this article, I wanted to talk about the benefits of bridge posture. Don't say bridge movement, it's a very detailed move that can be talked about at length.

In the Far East, people's age is measured by spinal health. You see, you're as young as your spine. The more flexible your body is, the younger your age remains; Your date of birth doesn't matter.

Desk jobs, having a sedentary lifestyle are the main causes of low back pain, young and old. No matter what happens, there must be movement in your life, because that's the only way our body can sustain its youth. That's why yoga and/or sports should be a part of your life.

Have your spine surrounded by muscles like you're wearing a steel corset so you don't have to wear that steel corset in the future.

Whether you're doing bridge movement, sports or yoga, make sure you do it.

By building bridges in yoga exercises, you can stretch the spine and neck along the length, as seen in the photo. Bridge movement opens your rib cage.

It calms the body and brain and relieves stress.

Relieves back pain, has a positive effect on the treatment of chronic headaches.   It regulates blood pressure while alleviating body fatigue.

Our spine is very, very important to the body's relationship with the brain! Be nice to him.

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