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Yoga in Harmoni

Settle on two opposite endes with your child in the yoga mat. Try to keep your knees as straight as possible and gently tilt from the waist forward as much as you can.

With each breath, try deepening and bending more without bending the knees a little more, keeping the breath flowing. Although it may be difficult for some to start, it is one of the most beautiful movements that you can love as a rest posture in the future.

a couple of women doing yoga
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Settle in the yoga mat again. First, enter the downward-facing dog movement. Let's try to raise one leg up, rooted on the ground with our hands, in this movement that we started with a downward-facing dog posture. Let's feel strength and flexibility in the shoulders, backs and legs together. Let's make sure the spine is long and comfortable. Have your child lift their foot after getting them into this pose. It's not about lifting too much, it's about being balanced.

a couple of women doing yoga

Sit back-to-back in the middle of the yoga mat. Stretch your legs straight forward on the ground. When we exhale slowly with the arms open, let's start leaning forward by extending the spine from the waist. Let's try to go further and lower with each breath. Our backs are straight shoulders away from the ears and the breath is comfortable...

Try to stay at least 5 breaths in your movements. (up to 30 sec) Extend this time as time goes on.

The best thing about doing yoga is when you're in flow with body and breath, you're emptying the mind and breathing and "thinking about not thinking about anything."  When was the last time you did this?

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