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Yalın's new album will extend summer days

We were in the garden of a villa in Levent last night. This is the music studio where Lean recorded his albums, and we were there to witness the songs that heralded the end of the summer at the party to listen to his new album after a long break. Lean, who has signed special albums since his first album, introduced his brand new album "Bayıla Bayıla" for the first time at a special event attended by names from the music world. Although the album will be available tomorrow, Friday, September 2nd, it's a summer album. The lead track of "Bayla Bayla", in which various instruments such as clarinet, binding, law, cello, duduk bring songs to life, is "Honey with Dessert". All the lyrics and music belong to Lean, as always. Ozgen Akçatin made the album's title. He also accompanied the track "Honey with Dessert".

At the party, which lasted until later in the night, we decided that lean classic ballads would be loved as well as energetic pieces to hang out in our mouths while listening to all the pieces over and over again. We have no doubt that the album will add freshness to all of us as we begin a new season.

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