Ariel Winter, Madonna, Halle Berry are posing for a picture

Worst views of 2017

Rita Ora shows off a bathrobe by Palomo Spain at the MTV Europe Music Awards. She's among the worst and most surprising styles on the red carpet, completing her bathrobe with jewellery.

Rita Ora in a white dress

Julia Michaels appeared on the American Music Awards red carpet in a Phuong My red silhouette dress that didn't match her proporations. The dress's cleavage and cleavage accessory looked rather pointless and bad.

Julia Michaels in a red dress

Sabrina Carpenter also made a sad appearance on the American Music Awards red carpet. The Missoni shirt dress was a sloppy combination for the red carpet with Casadei leather boots.

Sabrina Carpenter in a dress

Dencia, in her usual costume style, marked the worst styles of the year at the 2017 Billboard Awards night.


Halle Berry looks pretty unhappy at the Academy Awards. The details of her dress made her body shape look bad because it was incompatible with her proporations. And her hairstyle doesn't look good on her dress.

Halle Berry in a dress

Kaufman Franco, who was eye-catching on Oscar night, made it into the 1980s in his dress. Biel disappeared into a gold sequin dress.

Jessica Biel in a dress

Janelle Monae has become one of the worst styles of the year with her appearance at the Oscars. Her extravagantly wide silhouette dress made for a very frayed and rauniting look.

Janelle Monae in a dress

Madonna is among the worst styles of the year at the Met Gala, wearing a camouflage pattern and medallion applique dress by Moschino and long leather gloves. Camouflage managed to create a framing image with a pattern.

Madonna in a dress

Ariel Winter is one of the nominees for emmy awards. Her slit cleavage didn't suit Winter's body shape, and instead of adding a feminine vibe to her style, she ensured her style looked repulsive.

Ariel Winter in a dress

Dakota Johnson in a Gucci dress as usual on Oscar night. This time, in a Gucci dress, Johnson is one of the worst styles of the year. The peplum-style drape detailing of the dress made Johnson look older and unbecoming of his body contours.

Dakota Johnson in a white dress
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