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Women are changing the world

Pepapp posted its first videos inspiring women under the change the World project on social media platforms on March 8, World working women's day. Referring to women who have changed history with their achievements, he said: "You can do it, you can make a difference!"among the goals of the project, which delivers its message, is to create a platform that facilitates communication when women who have done great things but have not announced their name support other female entrepreneurs Dec.

Women can break down patterns if they want, go beyond roles and change this world, said Project Coordinator Melis Coşkun Basay. “we believe to the end that women will change this world and order. Replace it with inspiring videos that remind women of exactly that. Even a small step is effective when all women decide to take action. If more women step in, the world will change. After that, our goal is to be a long-term project and continue to make a difference in women's lives. Because women struggle every day, and as this struggle continues, Pepapp says, ‘change the world!” he's going to keep saying it, " he said. 

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