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Winter trends in children's fashion

There were dinosaurs everywhere for a while. It was especially interesting for boys. They loved their toys, so they wanted to see them in their clothes. Now we're leaving the Stone Age behind and turning our faces to the Space Age. The children's new curiosity is Space. The clothes aren't just reflected in UFOs, aliens, astronauts, rockets and planets. There's a lot of metallics, especially metallic silver. Other colors are midnight blue, neon yellow, vibrant orange. 3D patterns, plastic reliefs, rubberized arm mouths, white quilted fabrics look like details inspired by an astronaut's outfit.

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Not without dreams and fairy tales, of course, when it comes to children. For them, daydreaming means believing. This trend is strong due to the peter pan film, which will be released in December. The fabrics of the trend, where soft colors, pinks, herpes peaches are at the forefront, are also moved by feathers, tulle, sequins.

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Children have long been trying to communicate with us by making similar choices to adults in clothing. They want to show that they're as strong and confident as we are. They put it in a style close to street style. Leather jackets, tight jeans, berets create children with a cool posture. Kids in T-shirts with their jerseys giving the message they want, showing they're ready to bring in their hooded sweatshirts.

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Maybe they weren't even born in the '90s, but you'll see this season that children with those years of rebelliousness will turn to baggy jeans, plaid-patterned shirts and thick-bottomed boots. The girls will describe the '90s a little differently. Vivid colors mixed with black and white will prefer an artistic style in which they try to express themselves a little more with geometric patterns.

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