Olivia Palermo wearing sunglasses and a hat
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'winter' recommendations from Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo completes each piece with each other as if she'd combined a jigsaw puzzle. He knows how to make the most of himself in every style. As with any fashionista, fashion-knower, Palermo has a few important points that determine its style. The complement to Olivia Palermo's winter style is undoubtedly the outerwear pieces of her wardrobe. Obviously Palermo is investing more in its coats and jackets than anything else for the winter. Because when you look at her style, we actually see that the piece on top of her rather than the outfit attracts attention and changes the air of the boiler in general. That must be the magic of his knowledge and talent... Olivia knows where to shoot us! Especially in outerwear pieces, she is not afraid to use color, fur and leather or metal details. It can put even a simple combo in a much more ambitious form. Although it is a slightly riskier piece, its use of fur, especially in the details of the collar and sleeves, suggests that it does not shy away from showing off when necessary.

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