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Why should I play sports during pregnancy?

Appropriate exercise programs support the mother to protect her from complications that may occur with changes in her body during pregnancy, reduce pregnancy difficulties, and even prevent postural (body posture-related) disorders that can persist for years after pregnancy. Thus, psychologically and physiologically, it allows the expectant mother to have a very comfortable, healthy pregnancy. In addition to these basic benefits, the correct exercises minimize the tension, pain and fear that will occur during childbirth, ensuring a return to normality as soon as possible after birth.

The body center of gravity of a person standing upright on his feet passes in the direction of a line that starts on his shoulders and reaches his heels over his hips. During pregnancy, the uterus, which grows day by day due to the growth of the baby, causes the center of gravity of the mother to shift forward. In order to resist the weight shifting forward and maintain its balance, the mother-to-be increases the waist cavity by pulling back the upper part of the body (head and shoulders). Increased waist cavity (lumbar lordosis) leads to weakening of the abdominal muscles and hunchback. In addition, with the growth of the breasts, especially when sitting, the body posture (posture) is thoroughly disturbed with the shoulders coming forward. Adding to this breastfeeding and inactivity in the wrong position, which can last for months after childbirth, it is not even sincere that the mother does not experience a permanent posture disorder after pregnancy.

Waddling may also develop later in pregnancy. This is due to the prolongation of the abdominal muscles, the shortening of the pelvic floor muscles and the decrease in the function of the hip muscles. All these changes in the body muscles are made by expanding the support surface so that the mother can compense, and ultimately with the development of waddling walking. Walking a sequin for long weeks weakens the inner muscles of the leg. Therefore, exercise exercises should be carried out to strengthen the leg muscles that weaken during pregnancy.

The displacement of the shoulders during pregnancy and the weakening of the muscles of the anterior wall of the chest will also reduce respiratory capacity. Therefore, "breathing exercises" are one of the most important exercises that should be done during pregnancy. A mother who has learned to use her breath correctly will be able to easily handle the burden of pregnancy and will have an advantage during vaginal delivery.

With the pressure of the growing uterus and the relaxation of the veins due to the effect of pregnancy hormones, the blood circulation from the legs to the body slows down. Especially in the last stages of pregnancy, swelling (edema) occurs in the feet and wrists when standing and immobile for a long time. Similarly, the dilation of veins in the breech area, such as varicose veins, can lead to hemorrhoid complaints. Exercise programs to be applied correctly contribute to the prevention of these vascular changes by strengthening the leg and pelvic muscles.

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