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Why do we gain more weight in winter?

As the winter months approach, we can feel more unhappy, more tired. When we move from the days when the weather darkens late, where there is outdoor entertainment, when we walk around in thin clothes to dark, cold days, we find ourselves in coats, boots and cold air.

For some reason, for most of us, gaining a few pounds this season has become an expectation. However, it is not necessary to attribute the blame for this weight gain, which comes with a change of season, only to the cooling weather. It wouldn't be right to blame low heat for your growing belly. Because gaining weight in winter is not only about nature, it is actually in your hands.

Contrary to what you think, cold weather can help you lose weight

Research shows that our body uses a significant amount of energy thanks to a process called thermogenesis (heat generation) so that we can warm up when we are cold. And in this way, the body can burn fat.  A study published in the journal Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism suggests that cooling environments activate brown adipose tissue, which serves to burn normal white adipose tissue and generates heat for it.

Here's the problem: we list all sorts of excuses not to go out when it's cold.

In dark and cold weather, summer walks are not done and even going to the gym becomes a burden. Of course, when you are drawn to your shell, your activity level decreases a lot and with it your body begins to burn fewer calories than you are accustomed to every day. If you're too lazy to go out, look for ways to exercise at home. You can apply your favorite workout videos at home. You don't have a dick? You can use two water bottles instead of tools.

When we're locked up in the house for so long, we get bored and eat when we're bored.

Instead of going out in winter, we prefer to stay home and watch TV or surf the internet. But as we get closer to home, we start snacking on boredom, even though we're not really hungry. This is the inevitable way to gain weight. And so we turn to food that gives us happiness. Happy sources of carbohydrates such as pasta, pizza, desserts, creamy coffees warm us from top to bottom. However, instead of warming up with hot chocolate and cream coffees, you can wrap yourself in a soft blanket. Or you can prepare a hot cup of tea, herbal tea. Beyond food, there are other ways to relax. Another reason they give happiness is psychological. Because most of them are deeply connected to our happy food culture and childhood memories. And once we get used to associating these nutrients with our happy moments, we get the urge to eat them again every time we want to relax.

Change in sunlight can increase the desire to eat

Change in daylight can disrupt our sleep patterns, and as a result of our sleep deprivation, it may be necessary to fight hormones that regulate appetite and desire to eat. Go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time. This will help your body regain its normal daily rhythm, which is responsible for managing your hunger.

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