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Why do children lie?

Lying is seen as a defense mechanism that children resort to to protect themselves from a situation they do not want.

From the age of 3, the children's imagination has expanded and he is on his way to enter the worlds of lies. The first thing parents have to do is accept it.

It would be easy to think that your child's imagination is expanding and doing so as a game. If you think he's lying, you need to investigate the reasons behind it well.

Children generally learn the act of lying from their parents. Without realizing it, a lie you tell on the phone or a pink lie you tell the father when he comes home starts to get the children's attention. Therefore, children see lying as a method of self-preservation and begin to use it as a defense mechanism.

Why would they lie?

Among the reasons that trigger children to lie is the inditerestion of the parents, the presence of an individual who lies too much in or around the child's family, to escape punishment in the penal and reward system, and finally to gain the admiration of the individuals around the child.

So, what can we do to stop a child who we think is lying?

First, we must avoid creating situations where he has to lie. It should be consistent between parents' rhetoric and behavior. One of the biggest mistakes parents make is comparing their children to other siblings or other children. By getting to know your child well, you shouldn't want to assume that he's special and act beyond what he can do.

In our society, we often see parents share their children in their own lies. We've all heard phrases like "We're definitely not telling the father what we're doing." Parents should be models for their children and take care of their own behavior. In a triangle of parents and children, carried out with respect and love, without being angry, without resorting to the method of punishment, the child will be afraid to lie.

Children who receive the necessary attention and love often do not prefer the way of lying. By often emphasizing the importance of telling your child the truth, you can set an example for them. Good communication within the family and parents being good models is the most important step in preventing lying.

Victor Hugo had the last word on lying. "Don't tell a child not to lie, tell him the truth. In the first, you blame it, and in the second, you lead the way."

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