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Who offers the Pantane Golden Butterfly Awards?

The winners of the "Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards", which will be held for the 43rd time this year, will be awarded to the best of the television and music world.

The ceremony, which will be attended by the most important figures from turkey's art and music world, will be held with the presentation of Okan Bayülgen and successful actor Pelin Akil Altan.

The candidates who came out earlier in the night are as follows:

Best Series
Resurrection Ertuğrul
Bandit Does Not Rule the World
Song of Life
Black Love
Poyraz Karayel

Best Actress
Burcu Tekcik (Song of Life)
Burçin Terzioglu (Poyraz Karayel)
Deniz Cakir (Bandit Does Not Rule the World)
Neslihan Atagül (Kara Sevda)
Nurgül Yeşilçay (Shattered)

Best Actor
Birkan Sokullu (Song of Life)
Burak Özçivit (Kara Sevda)
Engin Altan Duzyatan (Resurrection Ertuğrul)
Ilker Kaleli (Poyraz Karayel)
Oktay Boiling (Bandit Does Not Rule the World)

Best Comedy Series
Laughs Laugh
Love for Rent
Sweet Revenge

Best Female Comedy Actress
Demet Özdemir (NO:309)
Ambassador Sangu (Love for Rent)
Hande Doğandemir (Love of My Life)
Hande Erçel (Love Doesn't Understand Words)
Leila Lydia Tugutlu (Sweet Revenge)

Best Series Pair
Burcu Tekcik-Birkan Sokullu (Song of Life)
Burçin Terzioglu-Ilker Kaleli (Poyraz Karayel)
Ambassador Sangu-Barış Arduc (Love for Rent)
Neslihan Atagül-Burak Özçivit (Kara Sevda)

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