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Who and how to do facial lift surgery?

Face lift surgery is the surgery that creates the biggest change among all aesthetic surgeries. If you look in the mirror and you see yourself older than you feel and want to give yourself a big gift, face lift surgery will be the right option for you.

Several different methods are applied in face lift surgeries. In the selection of the method, the patient's health status, smoking, age, sex, degree of aging of his face, condition of his skin and structure of the facial bones play an important role. Therefore, almost different procedures can be planned for each patient. In addition, the width of the surgery can be decided according to the degree of aging and sagging of the patient's face. In some patients, eyebrow lifting, eyelid, jaw aesthetics and neck aesthetics can also be added to face lift surgery.

So what are the objectives of the surgery?

Pitting and wrinkles under the eyes, jaw line that is deteriorated due to the tissues hanging down the cheeks, i.e. towards the chin, lubrication and sagging in the neck are the target areas of face lift surgery.

Classical face lift techniques are preferred in patients with a lot of skin wrinkles and sagging. In this technique, an incision is made that starts from the favorite area of the patient and continues first to the front of the ear and then to the back of the ear. The success of this surgery lies not in the skin, but in the stretching of the tissues in the skin. No tension should be left on the skin. Otherwise, during healing, the skin is very stretched and leaves a bad scar. However, thanks to the suspension of deep tissues, it is possible to achieve long-lasting lasting results.

Another method of face lift is the technique called endoscope, which is performed with surgical cameras with a thickness of 4mm. In this technique, deep tissues are stretched up and detected by small incisions made in the scalp. Patients with a lot of sagging on the face, not too much deterioration of the jawline and low skin wrinkles are more suitable patients for endoscopic face lifts.

Now to other topics you are curious about....

How long will these surgeries take?

Face lift surgeries can take between 4-6 hours. Don't let that time get to you long and scare you. If you want a face lift surgery that has a permanent and long-lasting effect, you should know that this is possible with a deep-plan operation.

How long does the healing process take?

In the first 3 days after face lift surgery, intense edema-swelling may occur on your face, and then slight bruises may begin to occur on your face with decreased swelling. Your stitches will be removed in the first week. Within 7-10 days, bruises and swellings will disappear. A slight swelling that you can easily hide with makeup can continue for another 2-3 weeks. After facial aesthetic surgery, complications such as bleeding, inflammation and opening in the wound places, infection, decreased sensation in the skin, damage to the nerves can be experienced.

Another question that is asked the most is: Is there an age limit for this surgery?

As long as you are in good overall health, there is no age limit for face lift surgery. However, if you ask about the ideal age, it is known that the effects of aging accelerate from the age of 45. For this reason, the 50s are the ideal age for face lift surgery. However, it is worth emphasizing that; You should not expect to get old to have a face lift. Because face lift surgery is one of the best investments you will make in yourself, and the earlier you make this investment, the longer you can enjoy it.

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