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White eyeliner time in makeup

Bella Hadid and Rihanna have become pioneers of white eyeliner make-up. If you're looking for a more vibrant and different make-up look this summer, you can also make room for your white eyeliner in your make-up bag.

What to look for?

First of all, choose a pen with high pigmentation, which will not disappear easily on your skin to highlight your eyes. Keep the rest of your make-up as simple as possible, using very little blush and nude shades lipstick, as it will be a striking look in white. The same simplicity should be on the hair. You can use your hair in a straight way, separated on both sides, or as a simple bun.

You can include gold tones in your jewelry to contrast with white eyeliner.

Let's also remember that you need to be more careful when driving than a black eyeliner. Because in a small mistake in the black eyeliner, it is possible to immediately turn your makeup into a smoky eye makeup, but with a white pencil it is not possible.

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