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Where to go in September?

When it comes to September, the first festival that comes to mind is arguably the world's most famous beer festival, "Oktoberfest". During the festival, it is possible to see beer lovers drinking and dancing on the streets of Munich. It was also the period when grapes were harvested in Provence. You can attend local festivals, try freshly picked food and taste local rose wine.


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The Dublin Fringe Festival welcomes film and art lovers in September. The festival can be enjoyed by stopping by a local bar and sipping a Guinness beer. The right route for another cultural tour may be Tibet. Summer rains end in Tibet in September, the weather is experiencing one of its best periods. It is also one of the best times for Beijing, even describing it as "tian gao qi shuang" – "The sky is high and the air is clean". If you go to Beijing, be sure to visit the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the Great Taped.


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The quietest and most beautiful period to travel in The Puglia Region of Italy. Although Puglia cuisine is called "cucina povera" (poor cuisine), you can taste burrata, orecchiette pasta and delicious breads from each other. You can also go to Corsica Region to taste the flavors you will never forget, and I recommend even a boat trip.


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September is a favorable period for travel, when Turkmenistan is not very hot and the mountains in Kyrgyzstan are not very snowy. At the same time, Uzbekistan welcomes a large number of tourists during this period. For those looking for adrenaline and nature together, Guyana is the right choice. Your hike to Kaieteur Waterfall will be an unforgettable experience for you.


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