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Where to go in July?

July is the most favorable and rain-free period for the Pantalan Region in Brazil. You're more likely to see jaguars because the waters are receding. Pantalan is home to many different predators. Alaska is one of the areas suitable for going. In July, you have a very good chance of seeing North American Grizzly bears catching red salmon in Katmai National Park.


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One of the best times for Zanzibar, where the smells of coconut and cinnamon rise on the streets... Another option could be the Greek islands. Especially since July is a quiet period of the Ionian Sea, it is known as the best time for the world of diving and submarines.

a wooden dock leading out to a beach

Antigua hosts one of the most famous carnivals in the Caribbean, the "Antigua Carnival", from July 27th to August 7th. Before you go, check out the program, listen to soca music on the streets and watch costumed parades. There is a direct flight to Antigua from London.


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Svalbard is made up of connected archipelagos in the Arctic Ocean that are connected to Norway, and July is one of the most favorable periods of the season. There's 24-hour daylight, which increases your chances of observing polar bears.


a group of polar bears on ice
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