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What's going on in Cesme this summer?

Boyalık Beach Spa Cesme is a peaceful option, offering rooms with unique views for those looking for a 5-star resort... During your holiday, you can relax, focus on rejuvenation and regeneration, or take action and take advantage of sports and entertainment opportunities. With its sea-floor concept, large pier and magnificent lawn areas, the resort offers a magnificent harmony of blue and green, you both feel at home and receive a very yesilty service. Standard room with Sea View, family room, suite room, king suite room and disabled room are available. Its restaurant, which serves breakfast and dinner seven days a week, pleases even those who like it very much with its buffet options and friendly team. In the paint Shine Spa, you can indulge your body and self with water, steam, light and scents with tailor-made Sessions.

If you are looking for a peaceful and comfortable boutique hotel where you can experience the unique atmosphere of Alaçatı, make sure to note Alaçatı Melekaki Hotel! The rooms are air-conditioned and en suite, very comfortable. Here you can start your day with a delicious village breakfast and enjoy the pool in the garden. You will be a few steps away from Alaçatı nightlife, which lasts until the early hours of the morning.

If you want to add massage pleasure to the boutique hotel concept, make sure to note Alura Boutique Hotel! From the moment you step into Alura, you will encounter a completely different world: calm but energetic, extroverted but at peace with the inside, nature-loving but also technology-friendly, questioning life but enjoying every second of it tremendously... Balinese Alura massage specialists offer massage sessions in the rooms or by the pool for Alura guests who want to relax their November muscles. Those looking for an alternative to the sea to cool off and relax can continue the day with Alura Pool. While enjoying the pool, you can read a book or magazine that you borrowed from Alura, listen to music that you like from the music archive, or taste one of the Alura-specific cocktails. Delicious, healthy, carefully and lovingly prepared breakfast is served every morning under the almond tree in the garden until 12.00 noon.

If you are looking for a comfortable and central boutique hotel in Alacati, make sure to note Lale Lodge! This hotel has a romantic atmosphere and has a total of 12 rooms in 9 different categories. This family-run hotel offers a full Alacati atmosphere and a very hygienic and pleasant holiday experience with every detail. A boutique hotel with a 24-hour front desk and daily room cleaning, each room also has a minibar, air conditioning, wireless internet and hair dryer. The pool and garden are very pleasant... A few steps from the most popular streets of Alaçatı...

FLY-INN Beach serves in a limited capacity within the framework of Covid-19 measures with its unique blue beach, restaurants and bars in an area of 40,000 m2 in Altınkum, one of the most beautiful bays of Cesme. The unique beauty of the sea is accompanied by its rich cuisine and bar. FLY-INN Beach is also an ideal address for those who want to experience the excitement of water sports... Many activities such as Jet Ski, canoe, WakeBoard, Water Ski, Banana, Ringo are waiting for you in the water sports center here. Snack menu, special tastes from international cuisine, wood oven and vegetarian food options add flavor to your day at FLY-INN Beach. 

Elias Beach Alaçatı, which serves a total of 500 people with its Beach and restaurant part, teleports its guests to the shores of Greece with its atmosphere and special tastes prepared by Greek chef Stathis Dapiasis. In Elias Beach Alaçatı, you can taste special delicacies between olive trees, azure sea and white decking while resting both your eyes and soul from 10.00 am.

Reges, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Cesme, which offers a sophisticated luxury accommodation experience in Cesme, the charming coast of the Aegean Sea, as the Third Hotel of the Luxury Collection brand owned by the Marriott Hotel Group in Turkey and the first hotel in Izmir, also offers daily beach use. In Reges, which teleports its guests to an exotic island with its sand, immaculate sea and special tastes, you can also reward yourself by stopping by Hemera restaurant, where you can taste the best seafood of the region with a magnificent sea view! Shamil Akşit, Executive Chef of Hemera restaurant, which explores and develops rich tastes with different cultures and cuisines, breathes new life into Aegean cuisine, blending the classic tastes we are used to with different tastes, breaking the dominant taste of dishes, making it a player and experiencing a new innovative taste in each fork. It offers innovative and creative dishes with flavors that appeal to every taste corner of the language. Make sure to note the signature cocktails, REGES SIGNATURE (vodka, gum liqueur, sweet & sour sauce, Yesil apple puree, Almond) and Oasis (Black Rum, strawberry flavored Aperol, fresh pineapple juice, mango puree, lemon juice)!

INNO Alaçatı, which has mainly Italian shellfish on its menu, will remove everyone from its table socially with DJ performances and live music. Bringing back the rural entertainment that we have longed for in Alacati for many years, INNO brings together the taste by creating wonders in both the kitchen and the bar of Alacati.

Attracting attention as a joint project of Neni Brasserie founders Ayhan Güneş, Mustafa Taşan and Ozan & Başak Balaban, Chérie is nominated to be one of the most popular places in Alaçatı this summer... Chef Aydin Demir heads the Chérie kitchen team, which has a delicious menu supported by daily and local ingredients. The menu, prepared under the direction of an experienced chef, has quite rich options. 

For breakfast;” Cherie Benedict“,” Egg Benedict“,” Belgian waffles“,” Pancake“,” Crepe “and” omelet “varieties,” fresh croissants“,”Breakfast Bowl".. At the beginning;” salmon Tartar“,” goat cheese caramelized onion Tart“,” Provençal style grilled artichokes “... in main courses;” grilled salmon“,” decoction ribs“,” veal medallion“,” Cordon Bleu“,” Dijon Chicken Tenders " are among the first highlights of the menu.. The Cherie menu, colored by Sweet varieties such as” Creme Brulee“,” sorbet Satsuma“,” gummy Riz au Lait", is supplemented by a rich wine curve and delicious cocktails. 

Alaçatı's new place “ Old Friends Ocakbaşı” welcomes its guests in Alaçatı Port. Alacati old friends in January, the integrity of decoration and space reflected from the past to the present is crowned with the songs of Master names of Turkish Art Music and Classical Turkish music such as Zeki Müren, Müzeyyen Senar, Safiye Ayla. In the evening, Old Friends of Ocakbaşı, where the happiest and most enjoyable cheers are made, displaying the moon dream, facing the sea with yakamoz, await their guests with a taxpayer menu ranging from appetizers to appetizing ocakbaşı dishes.

As Limon Köyiçi enters its fifth year, it offers comfort and decency to its guests with the advantage of having the largest interior in Alaçatı. In Limon Köyiçi, which offers its guests a comfortable environment with its seating arrangement, which has been redesigned according to the rules of social distance, Chef Eyüp Gül and his team give special touches to both world tastes and unique tastes of fusion cuisine.

Included in the starters is tuna tataki with mango, swordfish carpaccio with poppy, shrimp ceviche on ice, smoked salmon with oak shavings in the oyster shell, making for an appetizing introduction. Pastor plum meatballs and warm Fountain octopus, which are located in the deciduous temperatures, appeal to both the eye and the palate. Summer tomato salad, prepared with Tire mud cheese and strawberry vinegar, takes the flavor to a completely different point. Fettücine and fettücine with truffle mushrooms, the Omen of Limon Köyiçi this year, are prepared at your table on the wheel of alfredo permasan and offer a visual show. In the main courses, sea bass accompanied by firik risotto and veal cheeks cooked over heavy heat, duck confi or purple mashed potatoes and truffle mushrooms will give you an unforgettable gastronomy festival. In desserts, Japanese rice pudding in coconut shell, lemon special and sexy chocolate will help you end this unique dish with merit.

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