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What you need to know when reading a cosmetic product label

Many cosmetic products are eye-catching potential customers with almost impossible promises. However, what materials are included in these products, even in which order these materials are listed on the label of the product, are the most important points to consider when purchasing a product. Unfortunately, in most countries, it is not strictly controlled by law to add declarations on cosmetic products that indicate that they do not cause allergies or acne. Therefore, it is very important for consumers to carefully read the contents of the products and understand what is written. For example, if you have sensitive skin, you should be careful to avoid perfume or hard ingredients that can irritate the skin. If you have dry skin, you should avoid alcohol-containing products especially and if you have spotty skin, you can opt for liquid or gel-shaped products.

The items listed on cosmetic product labels are sorted from the most used to the least used in the product. If it's last on a content label in a product's name, you may not see the benefits that that product promises for your skin. This method is often used by affordable brands in their anti-aging products. Since anti-aging substances such as pure rose water or peptides have salty prices, brands that want to add anti-aging ingredients by keeping the product within the reachable price range often give a lot of benefits to these ingredients in marketing products using trace amounts of these ingredients. Alcohol and alcohol derivatives, which are known to be a content to avoid in most cosmetic products, may want to put that product back on the shelf if they are high on the product label.

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When you examine cosmetic products, you will see a jar mark with the lid open on their packaging. Signs such as 6M, 12M, 24M indicate how many months the product should be consumed after opening. By checking this phrase, you can roughly calculate how many months a product will be enough for you and whether it is spoiled after opening. A product that is considered impaired after the time written on it may be damaging to your skin without you noticing it.

If you see a code called "batch code" on a product you're reviewing, it will show you when the product was produced. Although some brands include the shelf life of the product in the packaging of their products, you can understand how much time you have to use the product based on the year in which they are produced when reviewing the products of brands that do not apply this application.

If there is a rabbit mark on the packaging of a cosmetic product, you can understand that it is "cruelty free", that is, a brand that does not test its products on animals. Since these products also have softer ingredients, users with sensitive skin often prefer "cruelty free" products. Likewise, if a cosmetic product is obtained only from natural ingredients, it has a vegan on it.

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You can parse vegan products when purchasing products thanks to the vegan logo on cosmetic products obtained only from naturally friendly, herbal ingredients. These products, which are usually referred to as "cruelty free and vegan", can sometimes only include the word "vegan" and its logo. Thanks to vegan logos, which are one of the most important phrases of those who care about eco-friendly consumption, you can be sure that the cosmetic product you buy is only herbal content.

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