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What you need to know about WhatsApp agreement

On January 4, 2021, WhatsApp released new terms of use and privacy policies. According to these principles, user data can be shared with Facebook companies if the user agrees, and if they do not approve the text until February 8, they will not be able to use WhatsApp. WhatsApp's sharing of information with Facebook has actually been going on since 2016. But the new contract undoes the right to refuse this option. Head Of Department Of Informatics, Maltepe University Dr. Öğr. Member Önder Şahinaslan It answered questions about WhatsApp's mandatory new terms of use, cybersecurity, what information our information can be used for what purpose, and what can be done.

Today, digital and social media tools is indispensable, indicating that approximately two-thirds of the world's population use the internet Sahinaslan 8 billion, according to research in the final quarter of 2020 monthly 3,14 billion people on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Messenger such as at least one of the products used. A new field of Economics has emerged with the use of artificial intelligence and social media data to keep these social communication networks continuously afloat and make them kàrli. Şahinaslan said that the total amount of earnings directed by social networks has turned into a very serious capital approaching a trillion dollars. 

In Turkey, WhatsApp's decision to impose a use barrier on those who do not allow sharing personal data is due to the company's economic concerns, said Dr. Şahinaslan said, " Facebook aims to increase its revenue by creating a more meaningful data network with its own data on the user data of WhatsApp app. He also wants to move this to legal ground against obstacles. It aims to meet the requirement for personal permission from the beginning in advertising agreements and contracts related to business activities." said. 

The company announced that WhatsApp and Facebook will not display the content of messages, that the end-to-end encryption application is valid, that the shared information is only intended for the analysis of user habits. Dr. Şahinaslan evaluated the statement with the following words:

"In this context, profiles of people and groups created in your address book will share your life activities such as purpose of use, frequency of use, location, story. WhatsApp also keeps information such as sample definition, location, subject, placement, address of the sent data. In other words, through the network of registered users in our guide, it will also transform our social environment into a more inclusive and convincing advertising campaign. Permission to use our data for advertising purposes is not limited only to these applications. Installation and use of many products provided free of charge is only possible with the acceptance of this requirement.”

Dr. Şahinaslan stated that the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulation which came into force on 25 May 2018 regarding the collection, sharing and storage of personal data in the European Union countries places severe restrictions. All technology companies doing business with the EU are subject to this law. Sahinaslan, noting that a similar legal framework should be created in our country, he continued: “in Turkey, April 7, 2016 enacted by the protection of personal data No. 6698 regulatory studies with the personal data protection law (KVKK) hit an important milestone. But a new legal regulation is needed, in which the provisions of the GDPR will be taken into account first. These and similar firms must first comply with the legal limits set by the state, and then the procedure for obtaining personal consent must be applied. Individual responses are of course valuable, but for a lasting solution in the long term, the state must quickly establish a legal framework that includes all social media and data-processing platforms. Any personal and national data that has privacy should not be allowed to be stored in data centers outside the country.”

So, is the simplest solution getting out of the WhatsApp app? Dr. Öğr. Member Önder Şahinaslan said that deleting all data can be easily realized by exiting the application, but in this era of information wars, there is a need for domestic and secure communication tools that we can replace in terms of speed, access and convenience. Dr. Şahinaslan said that there is about a month before us to make a decision, and that the state is expected to participate in this incident and that the conditions provided in EU countries will be implemented in Turkey. 

The competition Board's decision is positive and if no agreement is reached, sanctions such as monetary penalty, lowering the speed of access or total ban may be applied. Öğr. Member Önder Şahinaslan, adding that users can switch to new applications collectively, continued:

"Full security is not possible in the digital world. Such events have opened the door for us to question how important our personal data is, to raise public awareness. The retention of personal data, transparency, security and legal framework are binding as well as technical competence in applications. Let's not forget that there may also be vulnerabilities or data theft in software over time. No one can guarantee that any message sent, any shared document will remain confidential forever. It would be useful to use digital communication platforms in the light of this stimulating information.”

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