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What you need to know about rotavirus

A Specialist In Pediatrics, Doctor Rotavirus, which is the main cause of severe diarrhea, especially under the age of 5, causes the death of 200,000 children worldwide every year despite being vaccinated.  This virus is a virus that children are exposed to almost once until they reach the age of 5. In addition, babies under 2 years of age can be much heavier," he said.

Rotavirus manifests itself in the form of vomiting, high fever, watery-bloodless diarrhea, said Dr. Betül Yaşartekin said, " vomiting and diarrhea usually lasts from 3 days to 1 Week Dec. In addition, signs of loss of appetite, weakness and fluid loss can also be observed in children infected with this virus. Even in these children, a fever can be observed.  Rotavirus causes significant fluid loss in patients due to vomiting and diarrhea. In cases where we cannot provide oral fluid intake, hospitalization is also necessary, because fluid loss can cause death when it is not replaced.  Rotavirus does not have any antibiotic treatment. If the infection develops, the treatment method is performed in the form of increasing the amount of fluid lost in the body to its normal level. When this condition occurs, the child who is sick can drink water, suck breast milk or feed, buttermilk, etc. if it can take liquids orally, it is necessary to continue to consume them. Early diagnosis and treatment of rotavirus is very important, so if your child has signs of high fever, vomiting and diarrhea, I recommend that you consult a specialist pediatrician without wasting time," he said.

Yashartekin, " rotavirus disease, cool months, that is, autumn and winter seasons are more common. Mortality rates due to rotavirus diarrhea have been steadily declining in developed countries due to routine vaccination, which has increased in recent years. In places such as nursing homes or nurseries, the risk of transmission during substitutions increases. Therefore, compliance with hygiene rules is of great importance. Because this virus is transmitted from person to person or to people by staying alive on surfaces," he said.

Betül Yaşartekin rotavirus vaccine, a pediatrician, is not a vaccine found on the routine vaccination schedule in Turkey. So families who demand it can make their children do it. The disease can be prevented with this vaccine... This vaccine is administered orally to children. Rotavirus vaccines contain live attenuated rotavirus,' he said. 

'There are two different types of rotavirus vaccine. One of these types is administered in the form of 2 doses and the other in the form of 3 doses. Both vaccines are safe, and studies have shown no significant increase in side effects between the group that was not given the vaccine (the placebo group) and the group that was vaccinated Dec. The first dose of vaccination should be started within 6-12 weeks. The period of starting the first dose should not exceed the first 3 months of the baby. In vaccines administered in two doses, the second dose is no later than 6. it has to be done on the moon. 3 in three doses of the vaccine. 8 at the latest. it's supposed to be made on the moon. Because rotavirus vaccines are live viral vaccines, they are not recommended for infants with immunodeficiency problems," he said.

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