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What you need to know about mirror look nail polish

Metallic, mirror-looking nail polishes, which were the popular nail polish trend of the 90s, are frequently seen in this period when we are experiencing a flashback. This trend, which will easily adapt to every combination, is used quite often by makeup bloggers and beauty gurus. You can look at the continuation of the article to find answers to the questions of what is the mirror-looking nail polish trend that we have been following since it appeared, how to use it and which brands we can find these products in.

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The most important point to pay attention to in mirror-looking nail polish is that it is thoroughly cleaned from the flesh of the nail and manicure is done. This style, which makes nails look longer and more well-groomed than they are, needs more care than normal manicures. Care should be taken to apply mirror-looking nail polish that makes itself better on well-groomed nails into thin layers instead of a thick single layer to make them look flawless. In this way, a more permanent and opaque appearance can be obtained.

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Those who do not like the metallic appearance in all of the nails can use this trend in different ways. For example, a nude tone in the French manicure style can give metallic glow to the ends of the fingernail. You can combine metallic tones with matte nail polish to give a modern look with mirror-looking nail polish. We love the harmony of matte rose dry nail polish and rose gold metallic nail polish!

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You can make your difference thanks to mirror-looking nail polish, which is a highly preferred manicure style on special occasions. Mirror-looking nail polishes, which are considered as an alternative to white, nude and transparent nail polish that brides often use, will be an ideal choice for those who like diversity. Those who do not like to use accessories or who cannot choose accessories suitable for their combination can add sparkle to their appearance by opting for such nail polish.

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It is now possible to find real mirror effect nail polish, which used to be high-priced products, in affordable brands. You can see if you like this trend by trying the Chameleon color, which is part of Revlon's series of metallic nail polish. In addition, the Essie brand's No Place Like Chrome and Penny Talk colors are ideal affordable alternatives. For Chanel and Dior nail polish lovers, we can recommend Chanel's Intemporel and Dior's 001 Miroir shades.


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