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What you need to know about kitchen decoration

With changing lives, our living spaces have also begun to be renewed. Those of us who have changed expectations and priorities now look at our home with a different eye and see our home as a place of trust. For this reason, the meeting point of families, the area in which they cling to life, share healing, embrace life, whatever style, whatever material theme when designing kitchens that are the central point of our homes peace so be it. 

If you want, you can design your kitchen with bright color palettes, bright colors with high energy, or nude shades that extend the Taste time by softening the color and not fade easily. Here we can suggest that when selecting the color appropriate to the desired effect to give to our lives, it will save it from monotony by making different touches of color. We also recommend that you choose lacquer products so that you can shoot dots in any color. 

Lighting is used to enhance the dramatic effect and highlight the details that will be emphasized, in addition to ensuring efficiency in the area studied. In order to create the desired effect of the unity of different colors and textures, refined and accurate designs using daylight and lighting attract attention. Cabinet interiors; countertops, bases, under shelves, crowns and shadows fall in every detail, providing lighting at any time with designs add elegance to your kitchen. 

By calculating the comfort area of the person who will use the kitchen the most, the needs of the residents of the house should be determined, the details of the food preparation, cooking and storage areas should be established. It should be determined which kitchen utensils dominate, and then the usage habits that provide comfort in preparing and cooking meals should be determined. If there's a right in the design, it's you. Because space can vary according to design, and design can vary according to space, so you should stay in the lead role. 

Remember that the material to be used in kitchen furniture is not only about your budget, but also about your usage habits and the atmosphere of the house... in crowded families, this is about the usage habits of not one, but several people. Choose materials that adapt to your design and usage habits. For example, if you are cold to find a cutting board while preparing food and cut a lemon on the counter, turn to counters that are guaranteed not to scratch. If you say,’ cleaning is using power with oil removers, ' stay away from the paint group, such as lacquer.

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