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What you need to know about healthy breathing

My answer is always clear...
Don't do any of this!
None of the breathing exercises will work, it will make the situation worse.
The world is going through a process that everyone needs to be wiser with their breath, not breathing exercises.
Breathing is not separate from breathing. Breathing is our chemical axis and changes every time we manipulate our breath. With only a balanced breathing, it is possible to have healthy lungs with a chemical axis.
Don't manipulate your breath!
Stop playing with your breath!
Do not practice breathing techniques without a "capnographer" in your home where you can watch what is happening in your immediate breath!
Don't take deep breaths!
Don't manipulate your breath in any way!
Every time you change your breath, you also change your respiratory chemical axis, which weakens the lungs and immune system.
Applying breathing methods for psychological reasons could be considered good before the virus outbreak. Because the body was able to cope with the chemical axis change somehow.
But now, it's time to become wise with breath...
Healthy breathing means not having a breathing habit! Only when the respiratory reflexes managed by the brain are allowed to function properly can you have a healthy breathing habit and healthy lungs.
Controlled breathing exercises, deep or digramatic breathing, of course, will change the chemical axis of breathing. From a respiratory point of view, it will put the body into alkalosis or acidosis. Respiratory alkalosis or assidose will weaken your immune system and leave the lungs weak.
That's why I'm here.
Don't take deep breaths!
We're not in the right process of taking deep breaths. Let the breath come naturally. Trust your body. Trust your brain.
The brain knows how to breathe to keep the body healthy.
Why do you think people diet?
Because they don't have healthy breathing habits.
Stop playing with your breath without having the knowledge to breathe.
If you want to have a healthy breathing habit, support your immune system.
How's that?
Get some rest.
Focus on giving up control and surrendering.
Work with your consciousness and see the benefit of this situation.
Stop fighting your humanity. Accept your feelings and who you are.
All this will help you breathe naturally.
Just let go of your need to relax. Accept what happened. Give up your need to change and feel better. Every time you want to feel good, you manipulate your breath, you cause your lungs to weaken, you change your respiratory chemical axis.
Accept yourself, your feelings and your thoughts as they are.
Stop running away from yourself.
Covid 19 is a wake-up call!
By ending manipulation, it is time to rely on the body, brain, immune system and especially breath...
Your body knows how to breathe, do not interfere with the usual flow with exercises!

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