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What You Need to Know About Detox

Our body is like a factory that works constantly and is always active. Sometimes it is necessary to purify, revive, rest and renew this factory. At this point, short-term detox programs are our biggest saviour. Detox is not to be fed with vegetable juices for days, to stay hungry, to lose weight fast. It is a special nutrition program that will help the cleansing and regeneration functions of the liver, intestines and kidneys. Besides all this, it purifies the soul, body and mind and helps us feel much better.

* Do you feel very sluggish during season transitions?
*Are you stuck on a weight while dieting and can't lose weight?
▪ Do you need 1-2 glasses of alcohol to calm down in the evening?
* Do you always forget something?
* Do you feel tired and unhappy in general?
▪ Is your energy consistently low during the day?
* Anxiety, anxiety,depression are common?
* Constipation, bloating and gas are the problems you often experience?
▪ Is your weight normal, but is your belly fat too much?
* Do you have an endless desire to eat?

To achieve detoxification, it is necessary to activate the intestines and urinate profusely. For this purpose, what you drink must change as much as what you eat. We should stay away from all things polluting for a while while adding effective superfoods to diets that October help detoxify to strengthen the immune and detox system. 

Detox diet tip Jul 1: Eat Clean
Remove processed foods, additives, preservatives and packaged foods from your life. Let it be your basic principle to consume the nutrients that nature offers us in season and in the right amount.

▪ Coffee and black tea
▪ Carbonated drinks
▪ Alcohol  
▪ Saturated fats            
▪ Sugar                       
▪ Mayonnaise and all ready-made sauces
▪ Paned and crispy chicken                       
▪ Processed, over-fat and fried red meat
▪ Deli products
▪ Seafood
▪ Fries 
▪ Fat cheeses          
▪ Ready foods
▪ Artificial sweeteners
▪ High fructose corn syrups
▪ Packaged foods
▪ Smoking, tobacco
▪ Excess salt   

The most correct habit we should gain during the detox process and at other times is to drink enough water. Add cucumber, lemon, ginger, mint and rosemary leaves to the water to revitalize the water and help it remove toxins that accumulate in the body. In addition, these aromas make it easier for you to drink water. Herbal teas, on the other hand, are effective in eliminating edema that accumulates in the body and accelerating metabolism. Especially during detox, you can turn to herbal yesilas such as Heather leaves, rosemary, cherry stalk, corn tassel, white tea, green tea. Drink 2-3 cups every day is your goal. For this reason, do not forget to have herbal teas on your table during the day and drink your water regularly.

Detox gives much better results when done with the right foods. Especially;
* Eat green apples, pineapples, blackberries, Kiwis and yesilas from the fruits. 
▪Choose zucchini, asparagus, artichokes, purslane, white cabbage, dill, parsley, mint, lemon, broccoli from the vegetables. 
▪Spice mixtures are much more effective; especially mix powdered ginger, powdered turmeric, powdered cumin, powdered black pepper, powdered bitter flakes pepper, powdered sumac, powdered thyme, powdered mint. Add this spice mixture to your yogurt, egg, soups, vegetable dishes. Use plenty of cinnamon powder in your herbal teas and waters.
* Take Chia seeds, nigella and flax seeds 1 tablespoon each day. 
* Consume an empty stomach in the morning by adding 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to your 1 cup of room-temperature water.
▪ Micro greens, lemon, celery stalk, beet, beet, beet, beet, beet, beet, beet, beet, beet, beet, beet, beet.

Here are my detox recipes I've prepared for you...

▪ 1 handful parsley
▪ 4-5 leaves mint 
▪ 2 slices lemon 
▪ 1 piece celery stalk 
▪ 2 slices oranges
▪ 1 finger fresh ginger is added and consumed during the day.

▪ 1 tbsp Yesil tea, 
▪ 1 tbsp balm
▪ 15 cherry stalks,
▪ 5 cloves, 
▪ 1 tsp Heather leaves,
▪ 1 stick cinnamon, 
▪ 1 tbsp apple dried or fresh apple slices 

All ingredients are brewed in 1 liter of hot water for 5 minutes, filtered and drunk.

▪ 1 cup kefir
▪ 1/2 bowl blackberries
▪ 1/2 banana
▪ 10 chopped raw almonds
▪ 1 tbsp chia
▪ 1 tsp cinnamon 
Blend all ingredients. 

▪ 1 cup almond milk
▪ 2 tbsp gluten-free oats
▪ 1 tsp ground cinnamon
▪ 1 PC Kiwi
▪ 1 slice pineapple
▪ 1 tbsp flaxseed
Cook the milk, oats and cinnamon. Chop the Kiwi and pineapple on top. Sprinkle flax seeds on it and eat with pleasure.

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