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What you need to know about cyberfraud in the era of Black Friday

The only front for discount days should not be lured into the advertising trap of fake e-commerce sites, Cigdemli said, "We see that there are shell e-commerce sites that try to trick citizens with unrealistic campaign advertisements, such as 2 thousand lira electronic products falling to 200 liras, over the internet or via sms, e-mail. When a citizen says he's going to get a chance, he's trapped by crooks. Everyone should be conscious about this. Don't be fooled by discounts too big to be true." "Don't be fooled by discounts that are too big to be true, especially in electronics. Scammers are waiting for opportunities behind shell sites".

The main goal of cybercriminals is to generate revenue by accessing the identity or credit card information of online shoppers. For this, they use various attack methods such as banking malware, fake Android banking applications and fake e-commerce site. They either use the information they access through these means directly or sell it to other criminals who are willing to use it


In these days of the year when we are in the period of the most online shopping, Cigdemli warned consumers and e-commerce site owners to be extra careful about security:

"It is necessary to check several times whether the websites are real before entering or downloading any data. The contact information of the site, SSL Certificate should be strictly checked. First, citizens should make sure that campaigns make sense. Nobody sells a 500-pound product for 50 liras. It is especially important to pay attention to electronic product discounts. Amazing discounts shouldn't be trusted. The price of the product on other sites should also be looked at. E-commerce scammers can set up simple e-commerce sites and sell products that are not available for these discount days. Make sure that the citizen checks the SSL certificate of the site where he will shop. Whether it is an SSL certificate can be understood by the lock mark in the left corner of the address bar when entering the site. The lack of a lock mark means that the site cannot be trusted, even if there is no intention of fraud. The address, company and phone information of the site should also be checked. The fact that the site is working with a robust infrastructure provider also indicates that it is reliable. If so, the name of the infrastructure provider company at the bottom of the site can be looked at. Also, no one should be given credit card information over the phone or by text message for whatever reason."

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The seller should use 3D Secure on the seller's site, stressing that not only the consumer, but also the owners and sellers can be victims of fraud.3D Secure is the approval of credit card purchases by SMS. This is as much about protecting the seller as it is about the consumer. Protects the seller against customer scams encountered in e-commerce. Reminding that some fraudsters can shop with stolen credit cards, Cigdemli said, "When the real owner of the card objects to shopping, the seller has to repay the money to the bank, the bank withdraws the money immediately. The seller, on the other hand, remains with the product he has scrimed, he cannot claim any rights because he does not have 3D Secure approval. There are many companies that are victims in this way


Use your own device when shopping, whether it's your computer, tablet or smartphone. It will be much easier for you to distinguish the quirks in the behavior of the device.

Not every internet connection is secure enough for online payments. Do not use public Wi-Fi points in bazaars and shopping malls for online shopping.

Use a credit card or virtual credit card. Purchases using a credit card are safer because they don't cover the money you keep in your checking accounts. In fact, if you use a limited virtual credit card, you minimize the risk.

In the case, install a reliable and up-to-date internet security solution with multiple protective layers.

Always check the

Online address bar. Even when you see a well-known site, remain vigilant. Scammers can create fake websites that are almost entirely identical to their original counterparts. Keep an eye on the URL, the address bar. Fake sites can be easily detected because they use different internet addresses than the official sites they try to impersonate.

Checking bank and credit card account balances is always good, especially after periods of heavy shopping compared to normal

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