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What you need to know about children's summer diseases

During the holidays, children spend a significant part of their time outside. Sometimes it should be noted how much and in what time December this time spent in the park, sometimes by the sea or in the pool. Noon, when the sun is at the top and the Rays come perpendicular to the Earth, is the riskiest time period for sunstroke. Especially during these hours, diving into the game and staying in the sun for a long time can cause fluid loss. If sunstroke is suspected, attention should be paid to these symptoms:

  • Dry mouth
  • Weakness, exhaustion, fatigue
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting in advanced stages, loss of consciousness

Staying at home or spending time in the shade during lunch, where the risk is highest, are the most important measures that can be taken against sunstroke. But if there are children who show symptoms, they should immediately rest in a cool place. Children should be fed little and often. Fluid consumption should be increased and children who can express headaches should be given painkillers containing paracetamol. It will also be useful to shower with warm water.

Because of the excess water consumption in summer, the acid content of the stomach dilutes slightly. Microbes taken from the mouth with poorly washed food also easily pass into the intestines. This condition causes a large number of microbes to form in the intestines and increases bowel movements, leading to diarrhea or vomiting. Depending on the type of microbe taken, sometimes there can also be bloody diarrhea and fever. In this case, a doctor should be consulted without wasting time. Mild diarrhea can be treated at home.

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The amount of fluid lost in all types of diarrhea must necessarily be replaced. In this process, attention should be paid to abundant water consumption. In addition, a mixture of sugar, salt, carbonate and water can also be prepared by consulting a doctor. In the treatment of diarrhea that does not contain blood, frequent water intake is important from the mouth little by little. In case of vomiting, the lost fluid is placed intravenously instead. For this reason, a doctor should be consulted. In case of diarrhea, you should also avoid juice and acidic drinks.

It is very important to take precautions against the danger of ticks in summer. Especially after a weekend spent in picnic areas, if a black spot appears to stick to the skin, you should definitely go to the doctor. The Tick, which buries the head part of the skin, gradually grows by feeding on the blood it absorbs from here. The most feared disease in tick bites is the “Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic” Fever disease. But not every tick carries this microbe. In Turkey, especially central Anatolia and the interior parts of the Black Sea Tokat region are the regions where disease-carrying ticks live.

A medical center should be consulted when the tick is seen in the body. It is important to remove the tick by an experienced specialist in this regard. In addition, a blood test should be performed; if there are any symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, weakness, it should be evaluated. Although scorpion, snake bites are no longer very common conditions, it is necessary to go to the doctor to determine whether they are poisonous.

Ant, flea, bedbug, mosquito bites and bites should be taken in advance precautions. Mauve oil can be obtained from pharmacies as a repellent, especially if it is to go to a place where this type of pest is abundant.Juliette oil can be obtained from pharmacies as a repellent. If possible, this oil should be applied to children's clothes before going out. An itch-relieving syrup called antihistamines and an itch-relieving ointment to be applied locally will relieve the child if the bite has taken place despite the precautions taken.

The second period in which children are most often subjected to falls and bumps is the process in which they crawl and, in particular, start to walk. The home environment should be adjusted according to the new crawling and toddler, the low electrical outlets should be closed with child locks, and the sharp - cutting items around should be eliminated. For bruises caused by minor bumps, ice application ensures that subcutaneous bleeding does not collect and spread, it takes away the pain. If there is a bleeding wound, he should put a tampon on it and consult a doctor.

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Children entering the pool may not be recommended, especially recently, due to the danger of coronavirus. However, seas that are sure of cleanliness may be preferred. But attention should be paid to the hours entered in the water and the time spent at sea. Be suitable for children at least 15 minutes before going out sunscreen should be applied to the skin and renewed every time you go in and out of the sea. Support should also be obtained from physical protectors such as hats and glasses.

During the holiday, it is useful both to avoid the pleasure of your child and to take precautions in advance against any accidents or diseases that may occur. A special first aid kit can be prepared for this holiday. In particular, this bag should include::

  • A sunscreen with a high protective factor to protect you from sunburn.
  • A fever-lowering syrup and suppository containing paracetamol against a feverish disease.
  • Fly repellent solution, antihistamine against insect fly stings.
  • A wick that relieves vomiting against gastrointestinal infections.
  • A powder or drop containing a protective prebiotic in case of diarrhea.
  • An ice pack to put on the area for some injuries.
  • Sterile gauze that can be used for open and bleeding wounds until you go to the doctor.


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