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What you need to know about cellulite treatment

Mesotherapy is the injection under the skin of drugs containing a special mixture of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, homeopathic remedies, medical remedies and plant compositions. This mixture is applied under the skin, in the area where cellulite is most pronounced. Mesotherapy treatment reduces body fat and treats dimple, which causes the appearance of irregular cellulite on the skin. Mesotherapy application, which has the ability to tighten the loosened parts of the skin, increases the amount of collagen and provides regeneration of the applied tissue. Mesotherapy is an effective method used to reduce body fat and remove cellulite by increasing blood circulation in the affected area.

Especially in the hips and legs in the fat tissue “in the view orange peel” cellulite irregularities, which shows itself a real pathology, but is not a person's genetic makeup, hormonal and circulatory disorders, the natural aging of the skin, connective tissue support, and loss of life-style changes (immobility, etc.) results occur. It only causes aesthetic concerns. Contrary to popular belief, there is no link between obesity and cellulite, it is also common in weak women.decapitation

A doctor who gives detailed explanations about cellulite mesotherapy Kemali Güneş emphasizes that these practice sessions should be determined individually and adds: “a balanced diet, regular exercise and quitting harmful habits along with Mesotherapy are extremely important for treatment.”

In cellulite mesotherapy, active ingredients that will activate microcirculation and regulate connective tissue are mixed and applied with thin and short needles. Pain sensation during application is quite small. If a person wants to be more comfortable, we can use local anesthetic creams. The number of sessions in cellulite mesotherapy is determined according to the stage of cellulite and the structural characteristics of the people to be applied.

A cure of 4 to 10 sessions per week is usually sufficient.decontamination. But cellulite treatment is permanent. A balanced diet, regular exercise, repeated cellulite mesotherapy with certain December times with the cessation of harmful habits, allows a person to have a smooth skin appearance.

One of the biggest advantages of mesotherapy is that it does not cause sagging problems while slimming in the area. On the contrary, it provides recovery and formation. Successful results can be achieved when applied consciously in women, especially in sagging problems after pregnancy and problems under the arms due to aging. In addition, due to the direct application of the process to the area where it is intended to be treated, the process acts with maximum benefit.

In order for the effect of the treatment to be long-lasting and permanent, it is necessary to change the standard of living, for example, regular sports (walking, swimming or cycling), heavy water consumption, carbohydrate or fatty foods should not be consumed. Exercise and 10 nutrients that help fight celluliteif supported, the effects will be longer and more lasting.

1. Take care to consume at least two, two and a half liters of water.
2. Avoid sugary and fizzy drinks, ready-made foods.
3. Get support from extra vitamins and minerals.
4. Accelerate blood circulation by massaging cellulite areas with your fingertip.
5. Do not neglect to move by walking and exercising every day.

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