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What you need to know about 2 age syndrome

Our recent casual conversations with my 2-year-old son:

- Son, you sleep with your father tonight.
- I don't sleep with my father.
- Kerem, let's eat, you're open.
- I won't eat!
- Oh, look, the plane's passing.
- No planes. Went...
- Let's go to the park, son.
- Home home!
After a deep breath, what I often remind myself is that this is an important developmental period :)

I've been thinking a lot about the 'upper floor of the brain under construction', which Dan Siegel and Tina Payne often mention in their books.
This is not an easy time. Children face their own boundaries in abundance every day. Not being able to speak at the speed they want, being told the bedtime, not being able to wear their toys as planned...
Although these sources of stress seem to be simple matters for an adult, they are quite challenging for the child. He has entered the nervous system extensively and does not yet know how to regulate it.
This is also a phase in which children are struggling for self/identity/ independence. "I'm not your limb, I'm mine!" It's important for him to prove it to himself and to the world. He'll show his power to himself and the other so he can differentiate.

Besides, aren't we all struggling to be different/unique/unique in this life? Not to be loved more, but to be loved for being "who I am, but unique me" somewhere deep down...
So how can parents support their children in this process?
As with the plant metaphor I mentioned on various occasions before; When the plant fades, "This plant is a bad plant. This plant is killing me!" We focus on what the plant needs. And when it comes to our children... The question "What does my child need?" is a critical one. It's important that your developing brain, the nervous system, learn to improve the regulatory repertoire, to activate the brain's forehead cortex. The next post will cover the answers to the question 'how can parents support their children?'

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