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What will we watch on New Year's Eve?

The first of BluTV's New Year's Eve special content will be Ata Demirer's program, which has been playing closed box office for 5 seasons, in which famous comedian Ata Demirer sings both songs and gives viewers moments of laughter with his jokes. The program, which will be broadcast on a platform for the first time, will bring together humor and music to give viewers an unforgettable experience. BluTV, which promises its members the most fun new year's Eve that can be spent at home, is preparing to be a guest at your homes on December 31 with Ata Demirer Casino and many more surprises.

Gainthe new year's program will start with a one-man show by Doğu Demirkol, which sits on the country's humor agenda with both its successful performance in acting and stand up shows. It will also be the first time Teoman's previously unreleased songs from her new album have been released exclusively to gain. Force Majeure Christmasthe night will also reach its peak. 

Here's the program for the biggest party of the year:

20:00 Eastern Demirkol with a special stand-up show!

Doğu Demirkol, one of the most popular comedians in Turkey, will meet with the audience with gain's special stand-up for the New Year's Eve party. 

21:00 Teoman with his brand new songs!

One of the most successful representatives of the singer-songwriter school in the Turkish rock scene and overthrowing 30 years in his music career, Teoman will be in gain with the surprise tracks he will perform for the first time from his new album and an exclusive interview with Mirgun Cabas. 

22:00 And.. Force Majeure Christmas Party

Bartu Küçükçağlayan and Melikşah Altuntas ' Force Majeure program, which has reached millions of people on Instagram and has become a phenomenon, will be in gain with a special New Year's Eve party. The party, which will be countdown to 1991 and broadcast live, will have surprise guests, special shows waiting for the audience.

From the tradition of New Year's Eve 'That Voice Is Turkey' Christmas special part TV 8 it'll be on your screen. This time, there will be famous names from each other, not contestants. Kerem Bursin, Hande Erçel, Ezgi Mola, Cemal Can Canseven, Aleyna Tilki, Mert Euphrates, Serhat Kılıç, Enis Arikan, Hasan Can Kaya, Demet Özdemir, Ibrahim Çelikkol, Özge Özder, Sinan Güleryüz, Miray Daner, Ayça Ayşin Turan, Nazlı Çelik, Burcu Özberk, Saadet Özsırkıntı, Mustafa Mert Koç and Hakan Çalhanoğlu will take the stage and sing their favorite songs.

Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International has prepared a special project for New Year's Eve, where everyone will be home this year due to the pandemic. The New Year's music list “stay with music”, prepared by DJ Tankut Karakurt and published on the digital music platform Spotify, offers everyone the opportunity to win a pleasant night and Palandoken holiday. 

’ I wish we were together, I love you, many years, I have kept a song for you', such as all the wishes expressed in social media shares, winter tourism favorite locations Palandoken will also win a holiday. Dedeman stay with music a person will win a double stay in Dedeman Palandoken 3 nights with a draw among those who share the playlist or the song they like in the list on their Instagram story by tagging Dedeman with the hashtag #musiklekal or decal their friends under the announcement of stay with music made from the @dedemancom Instagram account. In the draw, where you can find details on the social media accounts @dedemancom, each share will mean a chance.

@ artibir new concert series +1 FEST, published via Instagram account and hosting important names from different musical genres, will fill the night of December 31, which we will spend at home with the New Year's Special Program Come-year 2021 with music.

The first guest of the new year's Eve stage of the +1 Fest, which has been launched to enjoy music +1, will be the Big House blockade, one of the favorite bands of Turkish alternative music. The second performance that will follow this concert will be performed by camouflé, one of the most talented young names in the hip-hop scene with funk-based hiphop music. The final concert of the night and 2020 will come from Athena, one of the most successful and dynamic bands in Turkish rock music history

+ 1 Fest Christmas special below, detailed information can be found on the @ artibir Instagram account:

20.00 Big House Blockade 

21.30 Camouflaged

23.15 Athena

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