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What will we watch in January?

(Drama) a hit man who betrays his boss hides in an empty tailor shop. When everyone thinks he's the son of the late shopkeeper, he decides to take on that identity.


A (fantastic) young fairy is mastering magic on the one hand, while on the other she makes friends, falls in love, fights monsters and, most importantly, tries to find her own identity.


(Drama) The polite thief Assane Diop, inspired by The Adventures of Arsène Lupin, rolls up his sleeves to avenge his father, a victim of injustice. 


(Science fiction)

In the new season of the post-apocalyptic series, the last surviving humans on an icy Earth continue their journey on a gigantic train. 

26/01/2021 (Weekly)

(Black humor) Aziz, who is overwhelmed by his uniform life and everyone around him, has to play a game to get out of the vicious circle in which he is stuck. A funny and tragic escape story.


(Drama) a woman who has experienced emotional devastation following her tragic birth at home is estranged from her partner and family in the grieving void she has fallen into.


(Drama) the ambitious driver of a rich Indian family uses his mind and cunning to escape poverty and become an entrepreneur. It was adapted from a bestselling novel.


(Drama) a rich widow hires an amateur archaeologist to excavate burial mounds on her land, and together the duo discover a treasure that changes history.


Establishing a current with minimalism at its core, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus talk about how we can lead a better life with less.


Campers who continue to escape the dinosaurs hope they will be saved when they encounter a small group of tourists. But in fact, nothing is what it seems. (22/01/2021)

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