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What will we watch in April?

(Drama) Fatma, an ordinary cleaner, commits an unexpected murder while searching for her missing husband Zafer. Fatma has no choice but to continue killing to survive. She is now a mother who wants to avenge her innocent son, whom she cannot fit into the whole world, on the one hand, and on the other hand, continues her life as a “cleaning woman” who no one suspects of herself, and begins to search for her husband.


(Fantastic) Orphan cartographer Alina Starkov finds dark enemies in her face when she unleashes a power that can change the fate of her war-torn world.


(Thriller) ruthless killer Charles Sobhraj chooses travelers who explore the "hippie way"in Southeast Asia in the 1970s as prey. Adapted from jarring events.


(Drama) an ambitious businesswoman, an attractive gang enforcer, and a troubled teenager team up in search of an uncanny fortune that seems impossible.Dec.


(Drama) Gulseren's life is a mirror of the change that Turkey has undergone over the years with its pain and dessert. What sets him apart from others is his sharp tongue, intelligence, and love for fireflies.


(Comedy) one is the inventor of the treatment that serves to gain special powers; the other is the first subject of the treatment. These two childhood friends will protect their city from crime with an unusual team they have formed.


(Drama) a headstrong young man who spends his summer vacation with his father, whom he has not met for a long time, finds the intimacy he is looking for in a community founded by black cowboys in Philadelphia.


(Horror) the ominous truth discovered about their marriage by a Manhattan couple who moved to the Hudson Valley is even darker than the history of their new home.


(Action) seven years after the apocalypse caused by monsters, the lovable and unfortunate Joel leaves his cozy hideout behind to reunite with his ex.


(Documentary) in 1990, two men disguised as police stole artifacts worth a fortune from a museum in Boston. Discover the inside of this notorious and audacious heist.


(Comedy) 6 friends in the series, where friendship ties are intertwined with great humor, grow and mature with the audience throughout the story spanning 10 seasons.


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