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What will we watch in 2021 February?

A director and his girlfriend, returning home from the premiere of the film he directed, experience a romantic reckoning on a night full of growing tensions and painful explanations.


(Drama) a civil war veteran who travels from town to town to read news embarks on a perilous journey through Texas to take an orphaned girl to her new home.


(Drama) a professional who acts as a legal guardian to aging adults discovers that his seemingly flawless client has a completely different face.


(Science Fiction) Year 2074. Divided into countless micro-states fighting each other for sovereignty in the wake of a global catastrophe, the fate of Europe lies in the hands of three brothers.


(Drama) Tully and Kate, who met when they were young girls on Firefly Road, become two close friends who have never been apart for 30 years, full of ups and downs.


(Drama) a single mother finds herself in a dangerous mind game when she has an affair with a psychiatrist she works with and makes friends with a man's wife.


(Comedy) The chief of a NASCAR garage is at odds with the tech-addicted teens from Generation Y who are tasked with modernizing the team. Starring Kevin James.


(Documentary) tells The Story of world-famous footballer Pelé's quest for perfection and his transformation into a legend.  


(Romantic comedy) it all started with an old love letter and turned into a new love. What awaits Lara Jean and Peter in the future?


(Documentary) Elisa Lam's disappearance led to the growth of the Cecil Hotel's notoriety. Statements of a murderer: from the creator of Ted Bundy.


(Child & Family) in the animated series presented by the creators of The Powerpuff Girls, an imaginative boy has superpowers when he finds five cosmic rings.


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