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What will we listen to this summer?

In March, he met with music lovers and allowed everyone to express the energy inside with a special dance choreography for the song EDIShis song Seagulls has already begun to accompany him to beaches, dance venues and parties this summer. Another song that will never be missing from our ears this summer is the one that has long been at Number One on Spotify's top 50 Turkey list when it releases UZIit looks like there will be a recording of Krvn.

His name is mentioned in a clip he shot Event’nin Hay Hay, Kaan Bosniak's Barbarian, Zeynep BastikMarlon Brando, who is already entangled in tongues, and Norm Ender as Faruk Sabancı's songs are also some of the songs that won't fall off the tongue or out of the ears this summer, according to Spotify. 

In the first summer after the pandemic was felt most intensely, rap and pop music winds will blow in Turkey. Here are the songs expected to hit the mark by the summer of 2021:

1.     EDIS-Gulls

2.     UZI-Krvn

3.     Buray-Alaz Alaz

4.     Lean - Summer Rose

5.     Hadise-Hay Hay

6.     Bedo, Boss - I Could Die 

7.     Derya Ulug - As Laws

8.     Sun, UZI-Dua

9.     Kaan Bosniak-Barbarian

10.  Kurtuluş Bird, Burak Bulut - Do Not Say I Did Not Like

11.  Sefo & Reynmen-Bonita

12.  Zeynep Bastik - Marlon Brando

13.  Dilemma - I'll Get Lost In Your Smile

14.  Lil Nas X-Montero (Call Me By Your Name)

15.  Måneskin - I WANNA BE your SLAVE

16.  Contra-Wet Sand

17.  Sefo-dust smoke

18.  Faruk Sabancı, Norm Ender - I Couldn't Find It

19.  Revart-Remember

20.  Doja Cat, SZA-Kiss Me More

Bonus: What will we watch on July?

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