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What to pay attention to when driving headlights

The most important point in a successful eye make-up is to get help from the right brushes. Sponge-tipped brushes are very useful for applying the headlight to the eyelid. You should then use a blending brush to distribute colors. You can decide the size of your mixing brush based on the surface size of your eyelid.

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If you want the headlights you apply to remain without spillage throughout the day, you need to use some headlights. Make-up artists wipe the eye area with "micellar"-style cleaning water before the headlight base, then apply a light eye cream to mole this area.

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If you wait a few seconds with your eyes closed after applying some of your make-up, it will be absorbed by the skin without filling the base lines, thereby creating a smoother backdrop for the application of headlights.

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Applying cream headlights with your fingertips gives you a more comfortable working place. Then you can distribute the lines created by the headlight with a soft-tipped eye brush. To achieve a misty look after applying cream headlights, go over the folding area of your eyelid and distribute the headlight with the help of a matte headlight in similar tones.

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When using powdered headlights, the point you should be careful not to take too much product to the brush. When using headlights on pallets that you know are dusting, after buying products on the brush, shake off the surplus and minimize the amount. In this way, you can prevent overcoloring your eyelid or dusting headlights from falling under your eyes and ruining your skin makeup.

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You can avoid color chaos by using palettes that fit your style. Most headlight palettes on the market consist of colors that blend with each other and have a similarity to the tone between them. In this way, you can easily choose in several color headlight applications.


When you apply the headlights with a slightly damp brush, which you think is not enough pigmentation, you get the maximum color from the headlight. To avoid this problem, especially in metallic or glitter headlights, touch your application brush with a non-alcoholic wet wipe and then apply the headlight to your eyelid.

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If you want a headlight look with sharp lines, you can get a straight line by pulling a band from the alignment of your lower eye line towards your temples before you start your eye makeup. Do not forget to be careful when removing this tape after applying headlights. If you think the tape is damaging your skin makeup, you can retouch the edges with the help of a damp sponge.

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