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What to look for when making kefir?

Ingredients you need when making kefir at home; 1 litre Sut and kefir yeast. 

  • First, the particles in kefir yeast plastic spoon and place the kefiri in a jar or jug. Never do not use a metal spoon. If your container is necessarily glass so be it.
  • Add the milk at room temperature. 
  • Over the container stretch film or cheesecloth close with. If using stretch film, make a few small holes. 
  • This container is at room temperature, but in a dark closet 24 hours soak.
  • After about 24 hours, you will see that the kefir grains rise up and the liquid approaches the consistency of yogurt. Separate the kefir grains with the help of a plastic strainer. With the grains, you can immediately continue to ferment. 
  • If you want to store the grains, that is, yeast, put them in a jar and add enough water at room temperature to pass over them maximum 2 days you can store. Because kefir yeast is a living organism and loses its property after 2-3 days.  Maintaining your kefir by continuing to ferment will be the healthiest option. 
  • Ready-made kefir drink in the refrigerator 2 days you can consume by holding. 


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