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What to look for when choosing a kindergarten?

Preschool education plays an extremely important role in the formation of the child's character. Since every mother wants to send her child to the best school, she has a hard time choosing kindergarten.

Both the living conditions of the kindergarten and the education of the teachers constitute the most important criteria. A child who starts kindergarten spends most of the day at school. He almost sees his teacher a lot more than his parents. Therefore, dialogue between teachers and children is very important. If possible, attend a class as a guest and observe the relationship between teacher and child closely. It is also worth examining whether teachers have graduated from the preschool/kindergarten education department.

'Don't let the children's day be on the road'

Another thing to look out for is the school's proximity to home. It is not a good idea to take children who start school at a young age on a long road, but it can also lead to the child not wanting to go to school.

-A safe garden

It would be much better if the building where the kindergarten is located is detached and has a large garden. Kids spend most of their time in the fresh air. The width of the garden means more playgrounds for each child. The condition of the toys in the garden and the measures taken in terms of safety are just as important. Be sure to give your opinion on fresh air. Children need to be brought out into the fresh air unless the weather is too bad. You have to insist on oxygen intake without thinking it's going to get sick or cold.

Another sensitive issue in kindergartens is the equipment of toys and educational materials. Since these materials also affect the training programs applied, it should be noted that they are educational and instructive. This content should be examined by an administrator and institutional psychologist and the necessary information should be passed on to the parents.

-Food and hygiene

Food is also one of the issues that needs to be sensitive. Always ask the institution for the monthly menu, and pay attention to what nutrients and daily needs are met. Find out where these dishes are prepared and do not ignore the issue of hygiene. It is very important that the toilets are clean along with the kitchen.

-Make a list

Write the topics of food, health, education, safety and hygiene on a piece of paper and take notes underneath. If you do this for every kindergarten you visit, your job will be easier when comparing. It's up to you to choose a place where you and your child will be happy!

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