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What to know about the first menstruation

Molped is next to all young girls during their first period, which is a harbinger of adulthood! Offering the ‘first menstrual kit ' in the early days of this body cycle, which is part of the nature of young girls, the brand shares the excitement of change. “We're in your new period together, we're with you with your first menstrual kit!"Molped, which brings together those who are curious about menstruation and decadent materials that will be good for young girls during this period in a fun kit, invites young girls to enjoy this natural process.

Molped, who emphasizes that menstruation is part of the nature of women with the’ menstruation is natural ‘approach, continues to break down menstrual taboos with the’ first menstrual kit', while still informing young girls about menstruation. All the questions that young girls wonder about before their first period are obstetrician and gynecologist Op. Dr. The brand, which responds together with wonderful Bodur Ozturk, transmits what you need to know about this process, which is part of our lives on average 60 days a year, to young girls through the Molped Turkey YouTube channel and the brochure in the first menstrual Kit.

” This period is now one of the indicators that you are growing up, “Ozturk said, referring to the fact that menstruation is a completely natural process; " we can compare the menstrual cycle to a biologically working clock. When a girl is born, she is born with about 2 million eggs. When it reaches about 12-13 years of age, a signaling system decays between these eggs and the brain, meaning that the sleeping eggs gradually begin to wake up. Every month, approximately every 28 days, our body enters the ovulation process."he answers and notes that menstruation in Turkey begins at an average age of 12 years. 
Ozturk, who stated that hygiene is also very important during the period of menstruation; “the most important hygiene provider during this period is the pads we use. About every 3-4 hours, the pads need to be replaced, " he says. He points out that an average of 175 pads are used per year during the period of menstruation, as well as the importance of choosing pads. 

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