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What to have in your makeup bag this summer

As well as covering the stains on your face, it's also important to prevent new blemishes from forming. So the most important product of your bag is 10 things you need to know about sunscreens. Apply a coat to your face. After waiting five minutes, you can put on your foundation.

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Instead of turning off your drying skin with foundation when you say sun and sea, you can give your skin the moisture and smoothness it needs with a colorful moisturizer. In hot weather, Nars' matte-colored moisturiser, effective against glare, will work. If you have a moisturizer with SPF, extra protection is always good, not afraid to use it either.

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Apply 5 errors when applying bronzer with a medium, fluffy brush to where the sun touches your skin. In this way, you will add an artificially invisible shine to your skin. You can also enhance your bronzer with extra brightness by supporting it with your illuminator. MAC's sparkly bronzer is set to be his favorite bronzer.

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Even if you don't wear any makeup, you can add color and glitter to your face with an illuminating touch. Apply to points where the sun comes into contact with your skin, such as the tip of your nose, cheekbones and eyebrow level, and feel the difference. Benefit's High Beam illuminator will add color to your face with light pink touches.

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Our dreams for summer may be to sit by the sea and sunbathe, but unfortunately we cannot always realize this dream. Instead, it's more ideal to use blush to add beach vitality to your face. Smashbox's bag-sized cheek and lip coloring is a must for your bag, both because it's multipurpose and because it's natural.

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Driving mascara is one of our indispensables in summer and winter. But make sure that the products you use to highlight our eyes in summer are waterproof. Lancome's extra volume waterproof mascara is one of the options so as not to encounter the remnants of mascara that have landed on your cheeks during the day...

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This summer's new trend, New Generation Makeup: Lip Oils, has replaced matte lipsticks. These oils, which both care and give sparkle, also make your lip look full. Yves Saint Laurent's permanent colored lip oil is worth a chance.


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