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What to consider when designing a children's room

Organic cotton clothing, anti-allergic baby detergents, unadulterated natural foods... It should be the same in the nursery and nursery.  We should opt for anti-allergic wallpapers, wallpapers with paper soles. It is also right to prefer products with a high rate of cotton that does not hold anti-allergic dust in textile products. Since carpet is the part that collects the most dust and leads to the formation of bacteria, it is among the most important issues to be considered because it is anti-allergic, anti-bacterial and does not contain carcinogenic dyes. Odorless, water-based paints and toxic substance-free varnish should be used in furniture.

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Kids grow up fast. Wouldn't you like to evaluate the furniture you chose in your inspisie in the years to come?  The company now produces many children's room furniture and designs that allow cots to be converted into single beds. Use your preference in this direction.

Position storage spaces for toys at a height that your child can reach. Thus, he can easily access his toys and fulfill the task of collecting and removing them himself. Extremely practical boxes and baskets to use can be your savior.

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We try to protect our child from all outside dangers. And do you take security measures in your child's own living space?

From angular and pointed lines on furniture, against any impact, you should avoid. You should prefer models with more rounded lines. In the cot, the between the bars should not be less than 2.5 cm, no larger than 6cm. So you can prevent the baby's finger or head from getting stuck in the bars. You should also use safety products to avoid finger compression on the room door and sliding cabinet doors. In rooms with windows below 150 cm, you should use a security lock for the windows, prefer models with a lid with a security lock on the sockets.

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Do not keep furniture or items in the room except as your child needs them.  Give him enough space to play. Let him play freely, give it away. Let him set his own pattern.

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Every child wants to have a secret territory that belongs only to them. So you design him a space where he feels he's the only one. Tents and cardboard houses will be the perfect solution to realize this dream.

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