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What should we watch at the weekend?

Lucid Charter begins a brand new capsule program at Gain. Event and entertainment communication platform About nights ' dynamic, bold, inspired by the crazy spirit of the lunchtime chat program called Crazy full table Tuzunataç guests will be hosted in different and interesting locations in each episode.

At the Deli-filled table, Lucid Tüzünataç welcomes bold decisions like himself, Daredevil talents who draw their own paths with their original ways of life... lively conversations on subjects such as art, fashion, music, gastronomy, actuality, called “crazy-filled”, colorful and delicious tables are accompanied by each other.

In the first part of Deli full Masa, which will be released on June 26, the shoot will be held in the natural agricultural farm of Neighborukoy in Beykoz, the guests of clear Tuzunatac will be Istanbul Film Festival Director Kerem Ayan, performance artist Cakemosq, photographer Burcu Karademir and illustrator Gokce Irten. 

The countdown has begun for the new season of the popular digital platform BluTV's production of ‘exactly the same Aynen', which forgets all the words said about women and men's relationships and looks at love in an original, destructive style. The sixth season of the series, which will take its place on the platform on June 25, centers on the ups and downs of Nil (Nilperi Şahinkaya) and Deniz (Kerem Bürsin) in their married life. ‘Exactly the same’, in which the changing dynamics of marriage and the problems it brings with it will be transmitted to the audience in funny language, also brings its audience with a big surprise in the new season. As the photos shared on social media by Nilperi Şahinkaya, Kerem Bürsin and Uraz Aleklaroglu recently Herald, Aleklaroglu is a guest on the series in the new season.

Produced by Games media, featuring Nilperi Şahinkaya and Kerem Bürsin, ‘exactly the same’ comes from Alper Erze's pen and meets Yunus Ozan Korkut.

On Netflix, fearless coward, Gulshah, Joyful Days, Şekerpare, trouble Bende, Fatmagül'ın crime Ne and chauffeur nebahat are very popular films such as Yeşilçam. Ideal for nostalgia lovers...

This week, the digital series “we sat at a table” by the hard-hitting PSM presented by Gulin, the beloved lead singer of Big House blockade, welcomes Ceylan Ertem, who brought his latest single “Sis”, whose lyrics and music belong to him, together with the audience in May. Friday June 25 evening at 20: 00 with the new episode of “We sat at a table” meets with viewers Zorlu PSM YouTube channel...

Borusan Sanat bids farewell to June with the valuable artists it welcomes. Thursday Sunday June June 24 at 14.00, Borusan Klasik, Bifo's Garrett Keast will be broadcast live in addition to the concert; Sunday June 27 at 11.30 pm borusansanat.tv in, the Borusan Quartet's concert titled” Vasks'dan say'ya " will meet with the listener.

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