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What should parents pay attention to when starting kindergarten?

-First of all, of course, it is necessary to be honest with your child. Explaining to him what kindergarten means and informing him of what he might encounter there are two important points.

-You can ask him how he feels and what kind of place he has in mind. If he comes up with an answer like "I'm scared," emphasize that the feeling he feels for her is natural. (For example:"I understand how you feel, stepping into something we don't know sometimes scares you".)

-One of the sentences you should never form is: "You are now huge, are you ever afraid, look if others are crying at all" All this will only damage his self-esteem.

-Since this is the first separation from home, sometimes it can be a more emotional process for mothers. Remember that the child reads through you how he feels in a particular situation and references you. When you're scared or unhappy, those feelings will pass on to him.

-You can visit the kindergarten you have registered on a suitable day before the start of the semester. He sees the environment and gets to know the teachers. This is a measure that will greatly reduce the anxiety of the 'first day'.

-We always talked about how valuable routines are for the child. Clear information about how and how to meet his needs such as nutrition, sleep, toilets will comfort him.

-It is important that in this maturation phase it takes some responsibilities and that the kindergarten really acts as a preparation for primary school. Leave her the things she can do, such as putting her things in the bag, wearing her top, and express that you feel pride and happiness when you do.

What to look for when choosing a kindergarten? A critical transition in his life. It'sat this point that even parting anxiety will come into play to feel the mother's protective side and warmth. The stronger the basis of the relationship and the bonding, the softer and more natural the first breakup will take place.


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