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What is wrong about nasal aesthetics

One of the common questions that everyone wonders or asks when the topic of aesthetic nose surgery is opened is how do you break the bones of the nose. Let's be clear about this.

First, you think about why this procedure is needed, what is the fault of our nasal bones. I find it useful to emphasize that we surgeons never break bones.

We cut the bones with special surgical tools to straighten and shape them. In everyday usage, this process is called ’bone breaking’. But if you look at the meaning of the word break, you will find that it is ’to smash hard things by hitting or crushing them.’ Therefore, it is impossible for us to make such an aggressive application to an organ that we weave every millimeter with great care, like a work of art.

In cases where we need to change the location of the nasal bones during surgery (curved noses, arched noses, asymmetric noses...), we cut and reshape the bones in a planned way. In fact, it is just one of the many procedures that need to be done to make our nose more beautiful. We also have to do a lot of procedures for the cartilage of the nose. I guess our cartilage isn't as popular as bones yet.

We use a lot of different tools to cut bones. It may be hard to believe, but some of these tools have a hundred years of history, are still in use, and continue to see very useful work. Of course, as technology develops, our options in our inventory multiply.

A method that reduces bruising and swelling

Recently, the most interesting technology, Piezo Nose Surgery also called, devices that precisely cut and shape the nasal bones. Thanks to this technology, bruising and swelling after surgery are also less.

They say tools boast hands, and yes, they're right. Thanks to the developing technology, the comfort of our patients after surgery is really much higher. But it is important to remember that even the best technology in the world cannot replace the delicate touch of a good surgeon.


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