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What is permeable bowel syndrome? How to treat?

Recent players Neslihan Atagül said goodbye to the daughter of Sefirin an expert who said that permeable bowel syndrome, which is raised as one of the main causes of autoimmune diseases, has been cited as one of the main causes. Clinical Psychologist, Uzm. Dyt. Merve Oz said that many factors, from nutritional errors to stress, antibiotics, antidepressants, from unnecessary drugs to pathogens such as bacteria and / or viruses, affect the intestinal permeability and prepare the ground for diseases. 

Leaky gout, or commonly known as permeable (leaky) bowel syndrome, is a digestive problem that occurs for deciduous reasons. Under Normal conditions, the tight bonds in the gut allow only the passage of digested nutrients, minerals and vitamins. In the case of opening these tight ligaments, permeable intestinal syndrome occurs. Uzm. Clinical Psychologist, Uzm. Dyt. According to the information given by Merve Oz, the opening of the bonds allows the passage of toxins, microbes, undigested food parts. 

Yeditepe University Kosuyolu Hospital Uzm. Clinical Psychologist, Uzm. Dyt. Merve Öz she added: “Today, allergies, asthma, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression / anxiety, eczema, troid Hashimoto, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, urticaria, Alzheimer's, etc. this syndrome is debated in the origin of diseases. For this reason, it is important to review permeable bowel syndrome for the treatment of these diseases. ”

 "Hippocrates said in 450 BC that all diseases start from the intestine, and if the intestine is sick, the rest is sick. Currently, the intestines are considered the second brain, " said Uzm. Dyt. Merve Oz continued his words:

“ There are both good bacteria and harmful bacteria in our intestines. The number of bacteria in the gut increases with a good diet, while the number of bad bacteria increases with poor nutrition, and the number of good bacteria decreases. The stronger the gut microbiota, the stronger the fight against harmful bacteria, the new name of the gut flora. An imbalance in the gut microbiota leads to a decrease in immunity, leading to various neurological or psychological threats such as obesity, allergies, anxiety, depression. "

Permeable bowel syndrome, is an autoimmune disease the immune system, emphasizing that MWT Merve oz, stress, environmental toxins, nutrition mistakes (the attacker nutrients), antiyobiyotik are antideprasan unnecessary drugs, bacteria and/or pathogens such as viruses and organ disorders, told me that was among the factors that may cause intestinal permeability. 

Permeable bowel syndrome is a treatable disease, and other causes of the disease underlines the need to be identified and eliminated primarily or Yeditepe University Hospital Exp. Clinical Psychologist, Uzm. Dyt. Merve Oz gave the following information: “natural nutrition, rather than drug therapy, is very important in the treatment of permeable bowel syndrome. Unnatural foods are exposed to a lot of pesticides, heavy metals and similar harmful components. Therefore, unnatural foods have the potential to cause more damage to the intestinal wall. 

An elimination diet under the supervision of a functional medicine dietitian or physician for up to 3-6 weeks until the bowel is repaired is very effective in the treatment of permeable bowel syndrome. About 8-10 hours boiled bone and broth will repair the bonds because it will contain glutamine, lysine, glycine. Fermented vegetables, that is, home pickles, are important for increasing the richness of the gut microbiota and creating a protective wall. If there is no lactose intolerance, fermented dairy products also repair the intestinal mucosa and permeable intestine. Omega 3 fatty acids also play an important role in intestinal repair. Glutamine, glycine, lysine, Proline are proteins that perform the repair of the intestinal barrier.” 

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