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What is Mercury jazz? How does it affect your relationships

Because of this effect, we have so much accumulation that we don't say but want to say, we want to say it all in one fell swoop and lighten it up. It may be time for us to press in our minds, "I know how to say it when the time and place comes."

It's like we all want to throw up inside of us. The issues that we put in the background between us and our boyfriend and the things we took from the bottom may have transcended us. They looked like they were going to be managed back in the day, didn't they? We're tired of managing our friend. "One day he'll get his act together and learn from what he's been through." That's what we want to talk about and resolve now.

Maybe we even sat down and thought about how to talk. We didn't think we'd regret it or not. In fact, bilateral relations are more likely to be bilateral in the name, and the problems to talk about vary. But the main problem is obvious, and that's communication. We're going to say what we want to say because of the setback, we're going to face ourselves. It's time to break those seals we hit in the mouth. Now it's up to us to turn this situation into an advantage.

If we want to save our relationship, let's not forget that when one finger points to the other side, three fingers point at us. The direction of our mind also moves to the sign of Scorpio, and in our bottomless deep dark well we enter into the need to face the transformation of change.

For example, you have a relationship and you must be tired and tired of reading subtext that "in essence it's good, it doesn't mean it." But even though we know it, our heart and logic do not work... However, if we say that "your attitude triggers and cools this feeling in me", how can we develop a solution to this. We have to learn to say that's your reflection and not make a big deal out of it. We shouldn't have our relationships like the mountain is out of the way.

Now our Sun is coming to support us to clean up those accumulated secrets that we've swept under our carpet. It's time to save our relationship!

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