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What is low blood pressure in pregnancy?

The most important cause of low blood pressure, which occurs very normally in the first trimeth of pregnancy, is the relaxation of the vascular flat muscles due to changing hormone levels.

Decreased blood pressure during pregnancy usually does not cause serious health problems and can lead to uncomfortable complaining of blood pressure, which is rarely very low while it can be easily treated.

In fact, low blood pressure in general does not give many symptoms, but some conditions such as fatigue, infections, prolonged lying, low fluid intake, malnutrition, anemia, bleeding, heart disease, allergies, which can deepen blood pressure drop, and some medications can present symptoms of dizziness, nausea, blackout, fainting sensation. These complaints can rarely be added such as rapid breathing, blurred vision, chronic fatigue.

Is there a risk and what are the negative effects on the baby?

The most important but rare risk of low blood pressure, which does not cause a serious situation for mother and baby, is blackout and fall-related injuries in sudden blood pressure miscarriages.

What is done for treatment?

It is important that pregnant women who experience low blood pressure take care of themselves a little more and move slowly. When there is a feeling of fainting, sitting or lying on the left side is useful by increasing the blood flow to the heart.

With the increased amount of blood in the body, there is no need for regular medication for low blood pressure, which will improve spontaneously, especially after the 14th week. Adequate fluid intake, rest, increasing the amount of salt taken a little is among the first to be done, it may be necessary to install serum rarely.

If there is no additional underlying pathology, low blood pressure is a temporary condition that will not cause problems for the mother and the baby.

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