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What is Istanbul doing this week? (27 March-2 April)

Don't say dessert isn't healthy and delicious; In the workshop to be held at EKS Culinary Academy, you will learn to make delicious desserts without using sugar. On the menu of "Sugar-Free Dessert Workshop"; There's a date cookie with oats, a honey semolina dessert and a fig cake.

Time: 15:00-18:00 Ticket:150TL

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An emotional show compiled from the poems of Orhan Veli Kank, one of turkey's most important poets, is waiting for you. "A Strange Orhan Veli" by Murathan Mungan is performed by Tolga Ciftci.

Place: Stage Çolpan İlhan Time: 20:30 Ticket: 34.50/24.50TL

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How about making glass jewelry with your own designs? In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn how to cut the glass to recognize the "Fusion Glass" technique and take pattern shapes.

Place: Ebru Susamcioglu Glass and Ceramic Workshop Time: 15:00 Ticket:120TL

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Ilhan Ershahin's "Wonderland" project, which brings together musicians who see the chaotic atmosphere of Istanbul as "Wonderland" accompanied by Hosni Sener, is at Babylon tonight.

Place: Babylon Time: 21:30 Ticket: 50 TL


Would you like to spend a fascinating night at the historical Süreyya Opera? Don't miss "Yildirim Bayezid", an opera by Vivaldi about the love triangle between Yildirim Bayezid's daughter Asteria, Timur and Greece's Andronicus.

Venue: Süreyya Opera Time: 20:30 Ticket: 50/40/25 TL

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"One-in-a-Thousand Night Dialogues" written by Birol Güven and starring Begüm Kütük and Hakan Mericlı continues to make art lovers laugh. Get ready for a night of laughter.

Venue: Zorlu PSM Time: 20:30 Tickets: 67/47TL

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The weather is getting better, the beach walking season has opened. If you want to reward yourself after a pleasant walk in Baby, Private Reason will be a very tasty option for you. It is worth trying the variety of toasts, omelettes and breakfast platters that accompany their own coffee. I recommend trying "Gourmet Toast", which contains mozzarella, goat's cheese, caramelised onions and guacomole sauce that they make themselves.

Place: Private Reason

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