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What is Istanbul doing this week? (14-20 August)

"Annabelle: The Birth of Evil" is released this Friday. The film, which is the second and the beginning of the 2014 film "Annabelle", is about dolls, an indispensable element of horror films.

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I have been looking for delicious souffle in Istanbul for some time. Usually, souffle is on the menu of every restaurant. However, some are ready, some are very sugary, some have a high cocoa content... I'm sure there were a lot of readers like me who were suffering from soufflities. That's why I wanted to share my best souffle ranking with you. Brunelle tops my list. After french and Italian main dishes, you should definitely try the souffle. Secondly comes Park Fora, which brings a modern perspective to fish and appetizers. The food is delicious, so don't eat the souffle in your stomach. Thirdly, every dessert of Big Chefs is delicious, but the souffe to the water is a different flavor.

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"Bilge Good Morning Trio" is at the Morning Jazz Sessions held at Uniq Istanbul this week. Bass and drum instruments will accompany the musical feast, which will be held for the first time on the Tamirane stage by the famous pianist Bilge Good Morning. (Sunday, August 20 – 3pm/ Free Event)

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"Istanbul Kite Festival" will be held on 12-20 August at Kilyos Tirmata Beach in Istanbul. In addition to the races, the festival will feature performances by media partner King Pop Radio DJs and sunset parties.

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The internet, which millions of users use over home, mobile and WI-FI, can slow down a lot from time to time. There are many iOS and Android apps that can measure internet speed. The most successful of these is netflix's Fast.com, which allows you to measure the speed of each operating system. It will be especially useful for you to know the internet speed when downloading a file or watching movies online.

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