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What is Haka dance? How to apply for my bodily expression?

A different technique to deal with trauma our training assistant offered to do haka dance together in the past days "https://vizduo.com/a-different-technique-to-deal-with-trauma". This dance felt so good when we shut down this module where we were working on 'unavavable attacks and the nervous system'...

  • Although we touched on very challenging issues, this dance at the end of the training was an antidote to what was happening in our nervous systems.
  • 'I'm here. These are my limits. I'm strong, I can cope, I can protect myself and my space, and I can fight for it if I have to', and it opens up space for physicalization...

Haka dance is also known as the "war dance". It is one of the most important cultural symbols of New Zealand known to the world. This dance used to be used to be used before wars for warriors to show their strength and scare the other side. The dancers dance, showing the white part of their eyes, banging their hands on their bodies and their feet on the ground. Haka's cries to deter the enemy and menacing war figures tell the story of liberation from death...

I believe that adding to the rituals of our children and us will be of enormous benefit to bodily expression, regulation, regaining power

(*Information about haka dance is obtained from Wikipedia.)
(Somatic Experience® a short-term, nervous system and body-centered psychobiological approach to improving the effects of trauma and chronic stress. It uses awareness and follow-up of hearings in the body as a roadmap. It supports the deepening of the experience and the enrichment of life.)


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