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What is eye aesthetic surgery, how is it done?

Aesthetic surgeries performed on the eyelid are called 'Blepharoplasty' in the medical literature. 4 signs that you incorrectly apply eye creamcaps are of particular importance because they are the thinnest structure of the body, constantly moving and very easily affected by environmental factors.

How are the eyelids affected by aging?

Signs of aging are usually manifested on our face in our 30s with the formation of wrinkles around the eyes and eye creams bags. Over time, the tension of our eyelids decreases, the eyebrows pile up above our eyes. Sagging and bagging occurs under and above the eyes with the external pressures of the adipose tissues in the deep parts. In our natural aging process, the skin and adipose tissues that hang on the eyes and weigh and make weight narrow our visual field and parallel wrinkles begin to form on your forehead as a result of reflexive eyebrow lifting.

Due to the skin hanging over our eyes, our visual acuity is also reduced, and we may also have headaches in the evening due to keeping our forehead muscles extremely tense.

What is the purpose of aesthetic eyelid surgeries?

With eyelid aesthetics, sagging upper eyelids are removed and bags that bulge above and below the eye are taken. Thus, it is aimed to make the eyes look younger and our patients have sharper and more expressive looks. In addition, the tired, angry or sleepy appearance of the patients with common complaints can be corrected with eyelid aesthetic surgery.

Eyelid surgeries are not only performed for the purpose of eliminating aesthetic problems. It can also be done due to congenital or subsequent eyelid sagging (miscarriages) or skin tumors located on the eyelid. Aesthetic 'citrus' effect on eye makeupcover surgeries can be planned for functional reasons as well as cosmetic gains, increasing decreased visual space, making it easier to open the eyes, and facilitating many important daily activations such as reading books.

How to prepare for eyelid surgeries?

Eyelid aesthetic surgery is a relatively simple procedure compared to other aesthetic surgeries. However, as before all surgeries, meticulous research should be carried out on your eye health and general health before this surgery.

In case of any complaints about the eye (such as eye pressure, dry eye, use of lenses and glasses), an eye physician is always asked for an opinion. You should definitely inform your doctor about all the medications you used before the surgery, especially blood thinners, and all the surgeries you have had before.

How are eye aesthetic surgeries performed and how long does it take?

Eyelid aesthetic surgery, which is usually not long-lasting surgeries, can be performed under local anesthesia, but general anesthesia may also be preferred as a result of the joint decisions of the patient and the physician.

Eye aesthetic surgery lasts about 20 minutes if it is only for the upper eyelid, while the duration of this procedure can be up to 1 hour when the upper and lower eyelids are operated together. After surgery, you are usually discharged on the same day.

What is the healing process like?

After aesthetic eyelid surgery, some edema (swelling) and redness may occur around your eyes. On the 2nd and 3rd days, these swellings decrease and can be replaced by bruises. When your stitches and bands around your eyes are removed during your first week check, the bruises usually disappear and your eyes have an almost normal appearance. After the operation, drops such as antibiotics, painkillers and edema reducers along with eye drops will be prescribed to you by your physician. It can cause dry eye during the first week following aesthetic eyelid surgery; I recommend limiting activities such as reading books, using computers, watching TELEVISION. At the end of the first week, you usually feel good enough to do your normal activities, but you should avoid heavy exercise and activities for 4 weeks.

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